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Safe Passage Group helps governmental and local social service agencies advance the goal of building stronger families and communities. For 25 years, the company has become a leader in the ‘Social Service Transportation’ field by providing agile and cost-effective transportation services.

The Challenge

Safe Passage was looking to develop technology solutions to meet their clients’ unique expectations by simplifying the transport request and transport fulfillment process for authorized transport requesters.

The need was also to streamline the invoicing, reporting & management of all transport schedules. Digital transformation of the current manual transport management system while ensuring seamless operations was a challenge.

The Solution

BTC built a Command Center web application for caseworkers and the employees of Safe Passage Group. For the Safe Passage drivers, BTC developed iOS and Android mobile applications.

BTC built the solution to be extensible and scalable to meet Safe Passage’s evolving business process needs.

Ride Schedule Management Engine is at the heart of managing incoming and scheduled transport requests.

Command Center application’s dashboard feature provides real-time visibility of fulfillment of current and upcoming requests.

Drivers use mobile applications to manage the entire service fulfillment workflow for the job assigned to them.

Based on the status of the requests, the drivers also receive automated reminders and notifications.

Devices: Android  & iOS


  • Mobile: iOS, Android,
  • Back end: Java, Spring-boot.
  • Front end: Java Script, HTML, jQuery plugin, jQuery Script Framework: Bootstrap-4
  • DB: MySQL
  • Application Server: Tomcat

The Outcome

Safe Passage improved operational efficiency metrics significantly with the digitization of the manual processes.

Customer satisfaction levels have improved due to timely communication between company staff, caseworkers, and drivers.

‘Google Maps’ integration within the application has helped drivers use maps to reach destinations with higher route efficiency and reliability.

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