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For one of the leading children’s hospitals in the U.S., we built a technology platform with base code that facilitated the creation of multiple applications for research studies and other data collection activities. The innovative solution helped admins easily create, manage, and track apps and efficiently engage users with multiple studies and surveys.

The Challenge

  • Develop a solution that functions as a central catalog of applications related to research studies and surveys.
  • Incorporate both internal applications developed using BTC’s platform and external third-party apps in the solution.
  • Allow admins to effectively manage user access, authentication, and receipt of notifications across multiple applications.
  • Deliver notifications for all the applications within the catalog and route users to the application for which the notification was received.

The Solution

  • Using BTC’s Real World Insights, a digital platform to collect real world data for clinical trials and research studies,  we created a solution that functions as an ecosystem of multiple applications.
  • A master app, named Subscription App, was developed that allows users to browse through the catalog of available studies in the apps and read about each of them. This provided direct navigation to apps of choice from the catalog.
  • Within the Subscription App, platform-based applications and 3rd party applications (external apps) were housed.
  • Platform-based apps included gateway apps with multiple research studies and standalone applications with a single study. External apps were connected to the master app using a deep-links system.
  • The ‘Manage Apps’ functionality within the platform enabled users to easily create and manage all the platform-based apps as well as manage properties of external apps.
  • The flexible platform helped the administrators run the ecosystem off a single deployment or replicate the model across multiple deployments.
  • The push notifications for various apps and studies were categorized as-subscription app, app-specific, and study-specific. All these notifications were delivered through the Subscription App and helped users to track updates in a single place.


Apache Tomcat

The Outcome

  • The solution helped the client manage patient engagement and data collection more efficiently and effectively.
  • It also allowed the users to browse through numerous research studies via a centralized app that gives updates on various studies and apps.
  • The centralized notifications provided the convenience of tracking all updates in a single place to users, resulting in users’ prompt response and participation across multiple studies.
  • The administration was able to manage the ecosystem with ease and flexibility as it ensured engagement with end-users and also facilitated multiple deployments of the model.

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