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My Gene Counsel is a digital health company that links current, updated, evidence-based information to their users' genetic test results. They provide important updates and news about genetic counseling, testing, and digital health. Their founders are certified genetic counselors with more than 30 years of clinical experience and leadership in genetic counseling and testing. From deep in the trenches of clinical care, they saw the need to provide consumers and clinicians with a progressive, digital method of staying up-to-date on their genetic test results. Genetic testing can be lifesaving, but it must come with all the facts, and these are changing all the time. Because of this, My Gene Counsel relies on their Living Lab Report® (LLR) which allows their clients to stay plugged in to what's happening in the genetic world. It helps both patients and clinicians understand the implications of genetic testing lab results in a better manner.

The Challenge

My Gene Counsel’s ‘Living Lab Reports (LLR)’ needed to be created, vetted, continually updated, and delivered to keep consumers abreast with the latest information on developments in genomic research and its impact on medical policy and suggested interventions based on their genetic test results.

The company also wanted to have an automated Content Management System (CMS) for genetic counselors to curate the content and collaborate.

The Solution

BTC transformed the LLR generation and update process – tagging, classifying, and generating reports across multiple genetic categories, variants, and mutations.

Powered by a repository of information stored in Github that could be shared across reports, the revamped design reduced the time needed to generate the LLRs, leveraging a repository of information that could be shared across reports.

We built CMS using the CI/CD pipeline to facilitate centralized content updates with features such as a reusable repository, targeted publishing, and content-tagging for easy search and content classification.

BTC developers also established complex integrations with multiple third-party systems such as NCBI Clinvar, HubSpot, Braintree, Mailchimp, social networking platforms, SMS and email communication gateways.

Cloud-based consumer data was retrieved, curated, and presented on the web and mobile dashboards (iOS and Android).

Secret Manager was used  for the generation, rotation, and distribution of secrets.

The Outcome

BTC’s responsive web app for end-users allowed them to derive meaningful insights from their genetic test results and make intervention decisions in saving lives.

The application automated the distribution of new and updated content to users, triggered by the changes made to the reports.

Alert users via notifications about the updates so that patients can take timely actions as suggested.

API-driven application integration brought testing and LLR data together, empowering My Gene Counsel’s partners to more quickly create personalized services.

The Satisfied Client

Ellen Matloff, Founder, President and CEO of My Gene Counsel, explains:

“Boston Technology Corporation is genuinely a part of our team and has an interest in our development. We’ve always been able to trust and count on Boston Technology Corporation. They’ve been professional, eager, and willing to help us, particularly compared to the second company we used. We had used two previous partners before Boston Technology Corporation, so a partial product was in place. I was particularly unhappy with the second one.

We were introduced to Boston Technology Corporation by a mutual contact. I met their then CTO Ranjani Rao, and had the feeling that communication with Boston Technology Corporation would be more clear-cut and that we would get a much more genuine, honest approach. This is what led us to choose Boston Technology Corporation.

We brought the product to them for improvements and enhancements. At first, we were concerned about communication because we knew that some of Boston Technology Corporation’s team was offshore. There was a time difference, and there could have been some language barriers. But Boston Technology Corporation’s team went above and beyond to stay in touch by email and always get back to us swiftly. BTC team managed the process efficiently.

We’ve shared some constructive criticism with Boston Technology Corporation along the way at their request. We’ve often seen them integrate that criticism, turning it into a positive change in our relationship.

Boston Technology Corporation stands by its products instead of stopping the work after our allocated time ends (which we saw with our second team). And they stand by the quality of their work. They are invested in making sure that we receive a good product.

Plus, we found that Boston Technology Corporation is reasonably priced. No instances of costs were flying out of control.

Rather than being another client for us, I feel that Boston Technology Corporation is invested in our success. There have been many goals to hit, and Boston Technology Corporation has been great at helping us chart them out and make them a reality.”

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