BlackThorn Therapeutics’ study to probe cognition with reward/loss interactions

Clinical Research

Product Engineering

iOS Application Development


An iPad app that probes cognitive ability as it relates to incentive-based motivation, in a controlled setting, where study participants are allocated tasks that can result in monetary reward or loss. Tasks require the participants to demonstrate their spatial memory skills when driven by these motivational factors. Tasks are presented at random and points calculated based on successful completion.

How We Helped

BTC focused on building an app that was responsive to user actions, and provided a high precision location matching algorithm to measure performance on the spatial memory test.

How We Delivered

  • Ran focus group testing to build a UX interface that was easy to use with immediate feedback to the user running through their tasks.
  • Solution that modeled up to 10 task types with spatial algorithms to measure task completion accuracy.
  • Monetary risk/reward calculations on the fly.
  • Persistence of data across multiple environments to provide data points for research and analysis.

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