Migration of eBroselow’s SafeDose® application suite to AWS

The SafeDose® application suite of reference tools standardizes and simplifies the complex process of drug administration. The web-based and mobile-enabled clinical support application provides nurses, physicians, paramedics, pharmacists support to avoid mistakes when administering medication.

The Challenge

    eBroselow’s  IT team had left abruptly, leaving the company in a bind with managing the entire suite of applications and infrastructure. The solution suite includes a website, a web application, mobile applications (iOS and Android), and a content management system.

    These applications have several external integrations, including G-Suite, EMR, and CRM systems. Lack of a complete knowledge transfer to BTC and lack of documentation added to the difficulty.

    The Solution

      BTC migrated the entire suite of SafeDose® applications from Rackspace to AWS. We cleaned up the codebase for efficiency and maintainability during migration.

      BTC identified and implemented some key design improvements during the process. For example, we resolved the issues with mismatch and displaying data about a drug on mobile and web apps by redesigning the mobile app database to match the web app database; earlier, the two apps had different database schema.

      To a large extent, we automated the deployment process to ensure that simultaneous data updates were available on both applications.

      The entire solution was reviewed and updated as needed, including application issue fixes, enhancements, code repository management, deployment, and data migration and testing.

      We improved the application security and placed Cloud firewall checks to prevent external attacks like SQL injections.

      The Outcome

        SafeDose® suite of applications is available with significantly improved efficiency –

        – SafeDose® Enterprise,

        – SafeDose® Mobile, and

        – SafeDose® EMS

        Post-migration to AWS, application availability and reliability has improved, which is critical for this life-saving suite of applications.

        Your healthcare program deserves
        all the advantages that digital technology delivers.