Blue Button 2.0: Digital Health Records application built for ‘Health Data Analytics Institute’


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Blue Button 2.0

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The Health Data Analytics Institute, LLC (HDAI) has the initiative to enable Medicare program beneficiaries to securely download and share their medication information and a health summary with providers for better options and outcomes

The Challenge

Build an application for Medicare beneficiaries to help them securely download their medication information and provide consent to healthcare providers and payers to access this data. The medical report was to be converted into a meaningful health summary. This extraction, presentation, and consent had to be done in a regulatory compliant manner.

The Solution

To achieve the stated objective, BTC built the first third-party application called MediRecodConnect using Blue Button 2.0 – a Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resource (FHIR) based claims API for Medicare beneficiaries. BTC created the solution on Microsoft ASP.NET Core 2.0.

The application periodically fetches the patient’s Medicare data and allows Medicare subscribers to share their latest information with trusted caregivers and clinicians.

Devices: Android  & iOS


  • Medicare Blue Button 2.0
  • Back end: ASP.NET core 2.0.
  • Front end: Angular Java, Java Script, HTML, jQuery Script, Framework: Bootstrap
  • Application Server: IIS

The Outcome

With a clean summary of a patient’s medical records, clinicians now can understand what a patient’s most significant risks are, what medications the patient is taking, and what providers he or she has seen. This clean summary meant less time hunting for information and more time spent on supporting patients.

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