Interleukin Genetics: Building a holistic solution, from test ordering to report delivery

Chronic Disease Management


Product Engineering

Application Modernization


Interleukin Genetics developed and marketed proprietary genetic tests for chronic inflammatory diseases and health-related conditions. The company was later acquired by Orig3n.

The Challenge

Interleukin Genetics (ILG) wanted to digitally transform and modernize its business processes such as managing orders, shipping and inventory of genetic kits, validating customer insurance, sending test samples to labs, gathering and displaying lab reports, and managing the CRM. This further required integrating five disparate external interfaces, and also resolving integration issues with legacy FTP servers and modern web services.

The Solution

A modern digital application that enhanced collaboration between the patients, physicians, kit providers, testing labs, insurance companies, and logistics providers by bringing them together on one platform.

The application workflow integrated data from (for patient information), an LMS (for lab data), Delta insurance backend (for patient insurance information), an inventory management system (for kit information), and a logistic system (to track kits sent by patients).

The application used a ‘hub and spoke’ information exchange model using a central database to manage the flow of information between different systems.

BTC managed the overall program streamlining the communication, coordination, and project schedule between the multitude of internal and external stakeholders to ensure speedier development and adoption.

The application was built to maintain HIPAA compliance and data privacy throughout the process.

The Outcome

BTC digitally transformed and modernized a number of key business processes by building an end-to-end digital application, scanner interfaces, and OCR services and integrations with external business systems.

The new application eliminated manual steps in the entry of forms and documents, thus reducing the time required and associated costs as well as errors introduced by manual data entry.

The streamlined process also improved customer engagement and satisfaction.

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