Interleukin Genetics: A Holistic Solution from Test Ordering to Report Delivery.




The customer is a healthcare company that offers genetic periodontal tests. The requirement was to build one front-facing system that would manage every step in their business process — from shipping of genetic test kits to managing kit inventory; from placing kit orders to tracking order fulfillment; from validating dental patients’ insurance to providing patients’ reports online; from sending test samples to the lab to gathering and displaying lab reports; from managing customer information in the CRM to syncing this information across impacted systems.

How come


The challenges we faced were:

  • Enhanced collaboration between the kit providers, dental testing labs, insurance companies, salesforce, and logistics providers and bring them together on one platform.
  • Integration of five disparate external interfaces for patient processing, patient validation, lab test processing, inventory management, and order management and reporting.
  • Maintenance of HIPAA compliance and privacy throughout the process.
  • Resolve integration points comprised of a mix of old school ftp servers and new-age web services or request-response type technologies.
  • Transform data before feeding it to the next integration point.
  • Monitoring integration initiatives to avoid post-production loss of face on external system outages.
How come


How We Did It

  • Identify and analyze touchpoints and document their complexity.
  • Eliminate manual steps, including the manual re-entry of forms and documents using scanner interfaces and OCR services.
  • Finalize the format and mode of information exchange of each integration point.
  • Bring both internal and external providers of integration points in the loop early in the process so their lead times don’t impact the project’s timeliness.
  • Make monitoring a standard requirement for each integration step.
  • Demonstrate system periodically at the end of each sprint and factor in regular feedback from stakeholders.

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