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Glucose Advisors (GA) is a company with roots in diabetes, exercise, nutrition, and technology. Glucose Advisors coaches educators and physicians to combine the knowledge base of exercise physiology and best practices in diabetes management to create actionable and real-time decision support tools.

The Challenge

Glucose Advisors needed to differentiate itself and stand out in the already crowded space of diabetes apps. It invited BTC to develop mobile and web applications that needed:

  • Inviting User experience and User Interfaces
  • Complex calculations and data-handling logic
  • Hardware/device integrations (HRM, CGM)
  • HealthKit integration for iOS
  • Live sharing mechanism for activity sessions
  • Custom map implementations, and much more

The Solution

BTC built transformative mobile apps leveraging most of the native features of the iOS and Android platforms. The application was deployed on Docker containers and orchestrated using Kubernetes.

We built a prediction tool (Engine1 GlucoNavigator) to predict blood glucose levels up to six hours in advance.

We incorporated third-party libraries with needed customizations to accomplish complex interfaces.

BTC team integrated the app with the food database to obtain the nutrition information to calculate food intake and make insulin suggestions.

The solution leveraged complex calculations and algorithms for insulin and food tracking. The outcome data is presented in an interactive, pleasant UI and dashboard over mobile and web, offering advanced user controls.

We created the web app using CI/CD pipeline with advanced charting and a rich activity feed to analyze patterns.

The platform served mobile-based coaching content based on analysis of inputs from the users.

Users are prompted via notifications in the mobile app to enter activity and food data.

Mobile and web interface: The platform offered very engaging web and mobile interfaces to the users. Underlying this was a complex algorithm gathering and analyzing multiple data points and scenarios to make recommendations to support user physical activity.

The Outcome

We developed a real-time decision support app aimed at users with Type 1 diabetes using their nutrition and physical activity.

Based on intelligent algorithms, the app can predict blood glucose effects up to six hours in advance and suggest food intake needed for various physical activity levels.

“I was immensely impressed with how they understood the project and translated that into code.”

Cliff Scherb, Founder, Glucose Advisors LLC

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Talk to our experts

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