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BTC built this Healthcare IT solution for a California-based chain of clinics that provides clinical care for long COVID and also works to advance new treatments by integrating remote clinical research with molecular and digital measurement technologies. The solution was developed leveraging BTC's Real World Insights platform on Google Cloud and its capabilities. The enhancements to the platform helped the client effectively engage with users and improve the study.

The Challenge

The client asked for custom enhancements to the existing platform features for a better user experience.

  • The study involved biological sample collection through the shipment of kits to the participants. The solution had to provide a simple and easy feature to collect shipping address details from the users.
  • Support barcode scanning to facilitate registration once the participants received their kits.
  • Create a user-friendly interface that also supported rich media such as dynamic images and videos in the instruction manuals for various study activities.

The Solution


  • The BTC team understood the client’s specific needs and provided enhancements tailored to their business use cases.
  • Built a feature within the platform involving CI/CD pipeline, enabling admins to configure participant data for each study.
  • A new section was added to the solution using GitHub to collect participant address details and demographic information for the shipment of kits. Participants were given instructions to provide these details and an option to update them as needed for receiving kits.
  • Extended the questionnaire response formats to include barcode-type responses. This enabled the participants to easily scan barcodes and provided a hassle-free questionnaire configuration option for admins.
  • Collected these barcode data along with information from other study activities and sent them for analysis.
  • The barcode feature built in the solution also supported numerous other code formats such as QR code and PDF417, etc.
  • Secret Manager was used for the generation, rotation, and distribution of secrets, and Container Registry for management of container images.
  • Enhanced the platform to display image-rich instructions to participants. We set up admin configuration and mobile app support to add images of various formats into the instructions for any study activity.




FDA MyStudies

The Outcome

The solution that BTC built helped the client solve the workflows in its clinical studies.

The platform provided the study participants with an easy way to collect, track, and register their kits.

The feature to support illustrative instructions made it easier for the study participants to visually understand the actions to undertake greatly improving their experience.

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