An intelligent solution to support the mental wellness of healthcare providers

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BTC built this intuitive solution for an LA-based mental health service company. The platform helped the client launch a program to support healthcare professionals manage their mental wellbeing. Developed during the covid-19 pandemic, it provides target users and administrators with an easy way to access mental health resources and configure content published on the applications.

The Challenge

  • Engage with and track mental health data of target user cohorts–physicians and frontline workers–via the platform’s mobile application.
  • Tailor the app experience for users by publishing content unique to the location they work within the hospital network.
  • Maintain site information about each user and tag study resources such as pdf documents to specific hospital sites.
  • Ensure the safety of sensitive data and comply with industry-specified regulations.

The Solution

  • We developed an intelligent solution comprising web and mobile applications by implementing BTC’s Real World Insights, a digital platform to collect real world data for clinical trials and research studies. The solution leveraged various DevOps tools such as GitHub, Docker, Kubernetes, and Terraform for high-quality performance.
  • Our solution provided personalized resources and recommendations to users based on the data from an existing ML matching algorithm that tracks users’ moods.
  • Modified the solution to recognize the users’ site information and display relevant resources such as pdf content accordingly.
  • At the admins’ end, ‘Participant manager’ functionality was leveraged to manage a list of hospital sites and associated users. Invitations were then sent to download the mobile application.
  • We created web services to publish the site list to the study admin console component of our RWI platform, where study-specific resources were managed.
  • Enabled admins to publish content and tag it to specific sites. This ensured the platform’s flexibility to provide site-agnostic content for users.
  • Implemented proactive security controls such as end-to-end encryption and adhered to industry regulations such as HIPAA to protect sensitive personal information.




Apache Tomcat
FDA MyStudies
Study Builder


The Outcome

  • The solution helped the administrators efficiently manage controls and engage with their audiences effectively.
  • The feature to publish site-specific content tailored to users’ needs proved a cost-effective add-on to the platform. This also enabled the client to scale and extend the solution for more use cases in the future.
  • The personalized approach also helped users take actionable steps to manage their mental wellbeing and provide better patient care.

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