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Be it CRMs, Point of Sale Systems, Supply Chain Systems, Content Management Systems or other 3rd Party Software Products BTC has integrated them all with mobile platforms to provide mobility, connectivity and real-time information to our customers.

We have developed fully online and partly offline systems on mobile that authenticate and connect to different back-end systems through REST and SOAP web services. Security and performance are addressed at the server integration level, allowing a consistent and robust approach across all uses of the mobile app.

BTC’s mobile integration services have helped our customers increase revenue by tapping new into markets, improving reach in existing markets and by offering exciting user experience over mobile platforms with convenient user friendly features and ease of use. Our customers have also reduced cost by reusing their existing technology solutions thus enabling employees, suppliers and customers perform value activities in a coordinated fashion through mobile integration.

We have years of experience in integrating disparate systems and providing easy to use interfaces to our customers. Our team of integration specialists have deep knowledge of web services tools and have worked on a range of challenges to provide the most optimal solutions.

The solutions we have built include providing a mobile interface to Quickbooks data, a full fledged mobile app for a hospital to enable real time patient surveys with deep integration with backend servers, an app to promote tourism in a region with data served from the Chamber of Commerce servers.

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