What are the Benefits of Cloud Migration in Healthcare?

Shantanu Deshmukh

Before we dive into the benefits of incorporating cloud migration strategy in healthcare, what does cloud migration mean? Most definitions say something similar to “cloud migration is the process of moving data, applications, and IT processes to a cloud computing environment,” but what is a cloud computing environment? And what benefits does this strategy provide for healthcare organizations? Keep reading below to find out!

What are the benefits of using the cloud?

“Cloud solutions are an extension of a healthcare organization’s communications infrastructure,” HIMSS (Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society) survey analysts said. “Connectivity should easily ‘scale up,’ as more applications are moved to the cloud.”

Some of the benefits of migrating data, applications, IT resources, workloads, etc., to a cloud environment, include:

Easier access to data

Cloud-based patient medical and billing data are far more accessible to authorized users than data stored locally, enabling interoperability and collaboration among clinicians in different locations. As healthcare systems expand to new physical locations, cloud access is more convenient to support.

Reduced costs

By migrating IT platforms and services to the cloud, healthcare organizations can avoid capital expenditures to replace aging infrastructure equipment. Outsourcing services to the cloud also allows providers to save money on in-house IT staff.

Improved backup and disaster recovery

For example, if a natural disaster such as a hurricane were to happen or a widespread power outage, this could inflict tremendous damage on hospital IT infrastructures. Remote cloud deployments can be used to back up hospital data and systems in an outage or cyber attack event.

Greater storage capacity

Another advantage of cloud computing is scalability; providers with limited on-premises data centers can scale their storage capacity as needed in the cloud.

Big data and analytics

The cloud’s scalability also offers healthcare providers an ideal platform for storing and analyzing big data, allowing medical research and precision medicine advances.

How is cloud migration used in healthcare?

Healthcare organizations looking to achieve the above benefits by moving applications to the cloud, refactoring and modernizing some of these applications to utilize cloud platforms’ services, and storing and accessing data in the cloud, are increasingly using cloud migration services to achieve this.

Healthcare organizations need a very well-thought-out and assessed migration strategy and plan to minimize business disruption and optimize efficiency during the migration process. The plan should lay out which applications, datasets, workloads, or resources to migrate and in what order, what business process and workflow changes may be needed, how the applications can be modernized to benefit from cloud platform services, and what tools and technologies are available to ease the migration process. Other factors to consider are what cloud platforms (such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud Platform) and vendors you should work with. For example, a vendor like Boston Technology Corporation can help assess the current state, build a migration strategy that lays out a clear ROI and help execute the strategy and migration plans to achieve the stated business goals.

Once a plan of action is set, data, applications, workloads, etc., can start being migrated to a cloud computing environment, as well as any business processes that are supported by applications can be streamlined for users to use cloud-based applications.

So, how can BTC play a role in this process?

With demonstrable experience working with healthcare organizations to optimize business applications, data, business process migration, etc., Boston Technology Corporation can help your organization develop a flexible and secure cloud computing environment to store and share data and provide the necessary tools to make this process easy as possible. To see how BTC can help you achieve this, click here to learn more.


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