Streamlining and Automation with Cloud Accelerators

The BTC Team

Infrastructures are getting complex, with the need for automation and standardization. With our cloud accelerators, you can easily set up your infrastructure to run securely and consistently across multiple cloud providers or on-premise environments.

Our  cloud accelerators also allow you to centrally manage applications with end-to-end observability, configuration and policy management for compliance and governance across multiple cloud providers.

  • Automation provides increased performance, improved response time, and auto scalability thereby reducing operational costs.
  • Enterprises are using Kubernetes to manage containers spread across multiple hosts but need a strategy to manage the clusters across multi-cloud and hybrid environments. Our in-house accelerators can centrally manage applications with end-to-end observability as well as configuration and policy management for compliance and governance on different environments such as Google Cloud, AWS or Azure.
  • Orchestrate multi-cloud deployments without having to worry about versioning inconsistencies or compatibility issues. Our accelerators can handle different versions of applications and configurations while ensuring security policies are implemented uniformly.
  • Automate application provisioning and deployment with an intuitive workflow that can be tailored according to specific needs. 
  • Automate workflows such as CI/CD pipelines and create real-time dashboards to monitor performance metrics in a single pane of glass.
  • Provision networks, storage solutions, compute resources, and applications quickly without manual intervention. Our accelerators can help you achieve this with a few clicks and save time in the process.
  • Automate compliance and governance checks such as policy enforcement, access control, security scans and audits to ensure an enterprise-grade setup. Deploy applications across different domains quickly with pre-defined configurations and policies.
  • Easily detect and address anomalies that may arise due to a variety of factors including user errors or platform changes while automating the remediation process. Leverage machine learning capabilities to identify issues throughout your infrastructure before they become problems.
  • Ensure high availability by leveraging auto scalability features for both compute and storage resources. Automatically add or remove nodes when needed without manual intervention or disruption in service levels.
  • Gain insights from your infrastructure with real-time analytics and machine learning to optimize performance and resource utilization. Leverage a single platform for all your cloud management needs, saving time and money in the process.
  • Automate application deployments across multiple environments with one click and save time by not having to manually configure every environment. Deploy applications quickly while ensuring they adhere to policy standards as set by the IT team.
  • Keep track of changes made across different environments with version control capabilities so you can easily roll back or update configurations as needed. Automatically detect any changes that may have been done without approval, preventing unauthorized access and security breaches and making sure provisioning is made easier with our tools that integrate closely with SDLC stages for deploying infrastructure resources from a single dashboard across various platforms & providers.
  • Patch Management is managed centrally using our tool which makes sure all prerequisites are met before patching, reduces downtime & error-free operations post-patching of the environment.


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