Manage Kubernetes Clusters Across Environments

The BTC Team

Organizations are making the shift to cloud native architectures, unlocking a world of possibilities in heterogeneous environments. With Anthos, they can automate security and policy management for hybrid and multi-cloud deployments – giving them comprehensive protection across their entire application life cycle from development through running!

The Challenge

Our customer, a global organization with workloads across on-prem and cloud environments ran into scalability issues due to the monolithic virtual machine architecture.

We shifted focus towards microservice and containerization architectures so as to tackle these problems – however this presented another challenge of effectively managing Kubernetes clusters spread around the world from one single dashboard.

In order to meet their goals for development speeds enhanced through scalable infrastructure designs, we needed an effective solution that allowed us full control over every aspect of running applications in multiple environments from just one place.

The Solution

We recommended Google’s Anthos as a solution for these challenges. 

With Anthos, our customer was able to tap into possibilities previously unavailable. Our expert recommendation and implementation resulted in a 40% Return of Investment (ROI), unlocking accelerated cost-savings and invaluable time optimization with microservice architecture built on containerization technology.


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