IT Outsourcing – Why You Should Seriously Consider It

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Why should you outsource software development? Because, if you choose the right vendor and engagement model that best serves your needs, you can do what you do best. With outsourcing, you can focus on your business and core operations, and leave ever-changing technology requirements to the experts.

Organizational leaderships often struggle over whether or not to take the IT outsourcing route. Should they hand over mobile application development or software testing to an outside vendor, or employ in-house teams for this purpose?

This article provides some food for thought on the subject and explores aspects you might want to consider. It will help you see how partnering with an IT services company for software development might make sense for your organization.

Focus on your core business

Simply put, it’s wise to invest most of your time and money in doing what you do best. A reliable vendor with a global development center will take meticulous care to ensure the software being built is meeting end-user requirements and business needs.

Your role in bringing the software to life should ideally not have to go beyond that of a business user – telling your vendor what you need, why you need it, and having them test the software to ensure it’s doing what it’s meant to.

Focusing on your core business doesn’t mean limiting your involvement or visibility into the outside vendor’s work. You definitely should have complete insight into their work on your project. This is where choosing the right IT partner is essential.

Seamless collaboration

Choose an IT outsourcing company that has well-established and clearly defined processes, practices, and tools that allow for seamless collaboration, transparency, regular communication/reporting, and milestones for tangible deliverables.

With adequate insight into what’s happening on the vendor front and knowledge about how your software development is progressing, you’ll be in good shape to strengthen your technology muscle.

Increase productivity and efficiency

If your firm manufactures medical equipment, or you run a clinic that serves patients, your in-house staff can help with the core aspects of your business, while a rock-solid outsourced technology team takes care to complete your operations with the right software applications. A mechanism such as this, when set up and executed well, can help to increase productivity and efficiency and improve your bottom-line.

Cost reduction on multiple fronts

Hiring and building in-house software development teams comes with its own price tag. There are the headhunting costs, the hiring costs, the annual salaries and benefits, and the overhead of engaging full-time in-house employees. It requires all of this, as well as the cost of procuring and maintaining an IT infrastructure for software development.

Scale up or down as needed

When your core business and your software needs continuously evolve with time, it makes sense to outsource the entire gamut of work, whether it’s software design, software development, or software testing. Outsource to a vendor who can flexibly scale team size and team composition to meet your ongoing requirements. This will prove to be much more cost-effective for you in the long run.

Expertise according to the nature of your requirement

Consider outsourcing software development work based on the nature of your requirements.

  • Are you looking for a set of niche skills not readily available in the market?
  • Are you looking for resources with a combination of technical experience, skillsets, and domain knowledge, but only for a period of a few months?
  • Do you require a strong technology team that can partner with you in the long-term journey and evolution of your product based on the vision and roadmap you have in mind?

If any of these sounds like what you need, it’s advisable to explore outsourcing options.

A “best fit” for your needs

IT outsourcing companies (service providers) can provide you with a “best-fit” answer to your needs – whether it’s a unique set of skillsets or a tailored engagement model (short-term, long-term, or sporadic). You’ll save time, effort, and costs while you reap all the benefits of having the right talent to engage with you for as long as you require.

Should you seriously consider IT outsourcing?

These are just a few key considerations when deciding if it would benefit you to outsource software development requirements. If this resonates with you, and you’d like to learn more, contact BTC to explore the different possibilities and options available to you. We’ll help you determine the “best-fit” outsourcing solution for you.


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