How To Scale Digital Transformation

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As mentioned in our previous blog, “What Is Digital Transformation,” digital transformation is the strategic adoption of digital technologies to improve processes and productivity to deliver better customer and employee experiences and control costs. But, what if you could scale digital transformation to drive meaningful and sustainable growth for your company? In this blog, we focus on the different factors you can use to scale your business’s digital transformation and what that process entails. Keep reading below to learn more!

So, How Can You Scale Digital Transformation?

Focusing on concepts such as aligning business strategy and illustrating how your software, program, or app can have a real-world impact can help you scale digital transformation.

“New information systems have always induced major changes to business processes, requiring investments in both organizational change and the technology,” says Nicolas van Zeebroeck, Professor of Innovation & Digital Business, Solvay Brussels School of Economics & Management, Université libre de Bruxelles. As a result, digital technology has gone further by imposing new work structures and requiring new business models and rapid adjustments to accelerate innovation.

“The new work, delivery, and business models require a new mix of skills, culture, and governance that will deeply change existing organizations,” van Zeebroeck said. “Without those complementary investments in organizational change, technology simply cannot deliver tangible results.”

In terms of aligning business strategy, understanding your company’s development function, overall mission, vision, and goals is critical to scaling digital transformation. By understanding and organizing these factors, you can develop a plan of what goals you want your company to meet and then define which digital transformation strategies you can use to meet these goals. Once you understand what digital transformation strategies you wish to use, you can develop a plan of how to scale this transformation to increase your applications or software’s performance. For example, the concepts below are examples of areas you can focus on to scale digital transformation.

Centralized IT governance:

By facilitating communication between executive leaders, IT teams, and business units to align on critical goals and create corresponding modular platforms, you can have a better picture of what digital transformation strategies you can use and how they can be scaled to meet any goals you want to accomplish. Once you have a better idea of what goals you want to meet, you can establish cross-functional teams to drive the change and keep all priorities on track.

Map and automate processes:

Mapping your existing processes using intuitive tools that allow employees across departments to provide input is critical to scaling digital transformation. For example, identifying areas best suited for automation to eliminate and streamline inefficient processes can increase your company’s productivity, therefore freeing up more time to focus on driving the execution of digital transformation strategies that tangibly improve company performance.

Track performance and continuously optimize:

Lastly, by using analytics, you can track your company’s automation process’s performance as described above and how that affects your digital transformation goals. Leveraging this data to fine-tune processes can maximize results over time and ensure the strategies you are implementing are optimized to meet your goals.

Once you align your business strategy, define your digital transformation goals, and develop strategies to scale this process, you can focus on illustrating the real-world impact this process has on your company’s ability to meet its goals and ensure that your company can achieve meaningful and sustainable growth.

So, How Can BTC Play A Role In This Process?

With years of experience working with companies to implement digital transformation, BTC can help you incorporate digital transformation initiatives into your business operations and guide you through the scaling process to meet your goals. Learn how here.


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