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In today’s ever-evolving digital landscape, organizations are continually finding new ways to engage users with their applications and data. While this can be an effective means of broadening the application’s reach, it also presents a range of challenges – from securely managing communication among different channels & devices to increasing scalability in order to handle higher traffic levels. Additionally, there is increased pressure on organizations’ back-end systems as they attempt to balance intricate customer/partner requirements while keeping up with rapid change and growth rates.

Apigee addresses these challenges in the following ways:

  • Securing every API transaction with built-in robust policies and advanced controls
  • Building APIs to unlock and standardize data from any app, system, or service
  • Monitoring and analyzing your traffic to gain reliable performance and actionable insights
  • Operating APIs that are built or deployed anywhere with consistency
  • Creating API products to generate new revenue streams and vibrant communities

Apigee features

Comprehensive security

Configure and design API traffic for any use case, manage APIs across the life cycle, leverage a rich set of capabilities and features, including security, caching, transformation, and mediation from API transaction to the edge.

High Performance and Reliability

Handle unexpected traffic spikes with unparalleled performance and response times by relying on GCP’s worldwide cloud network, providing a model that allows deploying containerized versions of the API runtime on GKE.

Flexible and adaptable for change

Adapt to any API-led architecture, business model, or environment using familiar open standards and developer-friendly capabilities helping customers in embracing multiple methods of interaction as part of their digital strategy.

Apigee Benefits

  • Orchestrate traffic in most demanding applications with APIs to unlock data from any application, system, or service with a fully managed API gateway.
  • Implement any API architectural style (REST, gRPC, SOAP, GraphQL, and more) suitable for your application needs and development preferences.
  • Implement Apigee and Anthos Service Mesh together to standardize and control communications between microservices.
  • Detect and mitigate security threats with Apigee’s advanced API Security.
  • Deploy to any environment with consistent control and governance and manage containerized runtime services in your Kubernetes clusters.

Apigee Use Cases

1. Implementing Apigee for breaking silos

In order to optimize the flow of business data, this leading automobile company decided to tackle their issue with multiple data silos. The resolution? Implementing Apigee’s communication layer for a single business information model, with associated data sets and glossary. This provided them with a single point of truth that streamlined onboarding external consumers and created an efficient one-stop shop for accurate data.

2. Deconstructing Monolithic Services

Unlock maximum business agility and unlock greater efficiency with Apigee’s API Proxy. Accelerate your transition from monolith to microservices, while ensuring secure communications between services using Anthos Service Mesh. With these tools you can standardize access across existing applications, data sources or legacy systems all while enabling performance and security.

3. Implement security in multiple layers with Apigee, Cloud Armor and reCAPTCHA

Organizations can achieve maximum security with a multilayered approach, which should include Apigee’s intelligence-driven API defense and Cloud Armor’s DDoS & Web attack prevention. To guard against malicious bots and fraud, reCAPTCHA Advanced Bot & Fraud detection is an invaluable resource to have in the toolkit. Together these create comprehensive protection from potential threats and fraudulent activities.


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