Boston Technology Corporation Tech Team Members Participate In HIPAA Compliance Training

The BTC Team

During the week of September 14-18, Boston Technology Corporation’s tech team members participated in a HIPAA compliance certification training to refresh and enhance their understanding of HIPAA privacy and confidentiality requirements, security awareness protocols, breach consequences, breach notification rules, risk mitigation, and potential correction plans.

Learning Objectives

Throughout this training, BTC tech team members focused on learnings that will enable them to stay up to date with the latest HIPAA compliance requirements and incorporate this learning into operational aspects of BTC’s work, specifically its standard operating procedures. Some of the concepts discussed during the training include privacy and confidentiality, describing HIPAA and how it protects patients’ protected health information (PHI), and identifying how to maintain compliance with privacy and security rules in a professional setting. Also discussed were BTC’s policies and procedures relating to PHI, understanding breach notification and enforcement rules, understanding BTC’s breach reporting structure and policy guidelines, and defining what to do if you suspect a breach of PHI.

Through this training, tech team members were able to get a better grasp on the authorized uses and disclosures of PHI, how to request a disclosure of PHI, what an incident response policy looks like, and other concepts such as patient rights and the consequences for non-compliance with the law. The goal of learning these concepts is to continually expand BTC’s knowledge of how to safeguard their clients’ protected health information to shield them from any possible threats.

Another topic covered during the training included “HIPAA Security Awareness,” which looked at three types of safeguards required per HIPAA and current BTC processes and procedures. Those safeguards are administrative safeguards, physical safeguards, and technical safeguards. By exploring and understanding these safeguards, tech team members learned about different concepts such as protection from malicious software, phishing, and spam. They also received information about periodic security reminders, login monitoring, email, voicemail, and fax safeguard protocols. After the training, BTC tech members completed a certification assessment to reinforce their knowledge about these safeguards.

Summary Of Results

After completing the training, BTC tech team members have incorporated these concepts into their repertoire of skills to benefit clients by understanding all current HIPAA compliance standards. So, how do these benefits apply to you? Your medical records and other personal health information will be protected through the safeguards and concepts mentioned above. You will also have more control over your health information, and you can see how your health information is being used and released to protect you from any potential threats or data breaches.

An example of how Boston Technology Corporation is incorporating these concepts into their work can be seen through the “FDA MyStudies – Streamline clinical trials and data collection with real-time, patient-reported outcomes,” case study where patient, observer, and clinician-reported real-world data for traditional clinical trials, patient registries, and observational studies is collected through the FDA MyStudies platform. This platform can be deployed to be HIPAA, FISMA, and 21 CFR Part 11 compliant.

To learn more about the work BTC is doing and how their services can benefit you, contact them by clicking here.


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