7 Low-Cost IT Initiatives To Help Digitally Transform Your Company

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Did you know that investing in low-cost high-impact IT initiatives can jumpstart Digital Transformation within your organization? We have compiled a list of 7 such initiatives that have the potential to positively impact your company by improving workflow efficiency, customer and employee experiences, employee productivity, managing business risks, and controlling costs.

7 IT Initiatives For Digital Transformation Roadmap

1) Reassess IT processes

A low-cost, low-tech initiative that can help your company streamline its operations and boost performance is reevaluating your current IT processes to identify any inefficiencies and improve them. Processes such as change management, configuration management, data management, risk management, security management, and operations management should be reviewed regularly to identify improvement opportunities. Such continuous evaluation and improvements will allow the company to effectively and efficiently deliver on critical business objectives.

For example, to proactively manage risk, you can conduct a risk assessment to identify security weaknesses in specific areas such as software applications, computer servers, or applications. A review of your program and project management processes can show how well your IT department is doing in managing key projects, thus allowing you to identify and address any deficiencies that can cause project delays and add costs.

2) Switch To Cloud

Known for being flexible and scalable, switching to a cloud environment for hosting and computing services might be a good option for your company to improve business applications’ performance and optimize costs. Cloud is more secure onsite and in private data centers and offers expandable and scalable performance and storage, automatic and scheduled backups, and a more stable environment. Cloud services’ other benefits include faster deployments, higher security, flexible environment scaling, optimized costs, mobility, quality control, loss prevention, sustainability, access to automatic updates, insights, and more.

3) Low-Code Development

Another IT initiative that can benefit your company’s performance is the use of low-code development platforms. By utilizing these platforms, you can implement a software development environment to develop applications through graphical user interfaces and configuration instead of traditional hand-coded programming. This visually oriented approach allows application developers to create web and mobile applications using drag-and-drop components, increasing the speed of development, and lowering human errors that can increase costs and cause delays.

4) Streamline Tasks With Robotic Process Automation

Another IT initiative that can accelerate your company’s digital transformation roadmap is using robotic process automation to streamline office operations. In real-world practice, RPA software is used to partially or fully automate human activities that are manual, rules-based, and repetitive. Many small mistakes can be avoided by implementing this software, resulting in a more productive and effective workflow for your company and employees. In addition to RPA, companies can implement reference chatbots, which utilize software to conduct an online chat conversation via text or text-to-speech to help streamline communication.

5) Data Analytics

Another IT initiative critical to help digitally transform your company is data analytics. By inspecting, transforming, and compiling data through data analytics, you can use this information to help your company make informed decisions, anticipate needs, mitigate risk & fraud, deliver relevant products, personalize services, and optimize the customer experience. This tool is a good option for companies to gain insight into what your audience responds to and how to implement strategies to increase the likelihood of those interactions. Artificial intelligence and machine learning can also be implemented to simulate human thinking capabilities and behavior such as learning, reasoning, and self-correction combined with machine learning to analyze user data to improve business operations.

6) Develop Employee Security Training

Cyberattacks and data breaches are common issues that many companies deal with on a frequent basis in today’s digital world. One way to mitigate these risks is to develop comprehensive and effective employee security training to help recognize and address threats that come through email, social media, and other channels. A practical approach for training is through one-on-one instruction, teaming each employee with a knowledgeable co-worker or another expert who can provide advice, answer questions, and offer support when necessary. When implemented correctly, this process is typically cost-efficient and beneficial for keeping the company free of these risks.

7) Launch A Business Satisfaction Initiative

Implementing a process to measure and assess enterprise satisfaction with IT services regularly is a low-cost initiative that can benefit your company in both the short and long term. To do this, carefully designed internal surveys and polls can help IT gain insights into your business’s operations, tactical, and strategic needs and help you implement these changes. Other benefits from launching a business satisfaction initiative include understanding how to reach your business’s audience and figuring out what strategies can be utilized to achieve this.

When executed correctly, these seven low-cost IT initiatives can not only improve your business from a digital standpoint but also provide several benefits to enhance your company’s performance. A few examples include improving employee and customer communication, encouraging strategic thinking, protecting valuable information, improving work efficiency, and more.

How Can BTC Help?

By leveraging BTC’s knowledge of digital transformation coupled with our experience in modernizing ‘cloud migration’ applications, building mobile, web, and cloud-native applications, product engineering, and other services, we can help your company get started on these low-cost, high-impact initiatives. Click here to contact us and jumpstart your company’s digital transformation today!

For more information about how you can implement IT initiatives in an optimized and cost-effective way, check out our blog post, “IT Outsourcing – Why You Should Seriously Consider It,” to learn more.


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