3 Simple Ways Mobile Apps Can Improve Patients’ Hospital Experience

The BTC Team

In an environment where there are mobile apps for almost every conceivable scenario, there’s a largely untapped area where mobility must still make headway. This is in the area of healthcare – specifically for hospitals.

Naturally, privacy and confidentiality concerns make the adoption of mobility move at a slower pace. But there are a few ways to jumpstart a healthcare provider’s mobile presence by taking small steps that can have a real impact on the patient experience.

Consider a mobile app for your hospital that provides these features:

1. Facility Information

Mobile apps can provide patients with a lot of information about the hospital, at their fingertips. Here are a few:

  • Listing of Branches and Departments
  • Healthcare Facilities Available
  • Directory of Physicians
  • Map and Directions to the hospital location
  • Indoor Maps to find hospital facilities

2. Appointments & Reminders

Apps can provide patients the means to book and manage their hospital appointments. App reminders and notifications of upcoming appointments are a handy feature that will do away with courtesy appointment reminder calls that hospitals must make.

3. Patient Educational Material

  • Physicians can share relevant educational material with patients that can be made available via the mobile app.
  • Hospitals can display information like videos, articles, and other materials tailored to the areas of patient interest
  • eLearning and survey questionnaires can also be integrated into the app for patient education as well as to measure patient feedback in various areas.

These features don’t directly get into areas of handling patient data, but they provide high value to the patient who’s looking for painless, efficient ways to interact with the hospital.


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