Posted by:Srini Bhopal January 2nd, 2014

Big Data. Social. Local. Mobile … not catch-phrases anymore. While it might seem an inevitable addition to every CXO’s vocabulary, just how many of them pause to understand the meaning and implication that these small words hold for their enterprises? Many, not many? Well, that’s material for another blog.

Lets take Big Data and Enterprise Mobility. A revolution in the making, this is one match set to sizzle in 2014. Simply put, Big Data is a massive volume of data, structured and unstructured that is difficult to process using traditional methods. And the mobile, well, no definition required there.


But, lets try forgetting the traditional meanings. What do they mean for your business? Businesses, today have access to vast amounts of information. Gathered, often, in real time from varied sources – vendors and employees and customers to the web, smartphones and devices. But, what use is it if it does not help businesses address real-life problems like improving their products, cutting costs, retaining customers or increasing sales?


What Big Data represents is the potential hidden under the data. The power to analyze, sift, predict and make sense of all the information and provide that information to people, when they need it and where they need it.

Enter the ubiquitous mobile, found in the hands of everyone from frontline , production floor employees to the iPad wielding CXOs. They are the people who need those crucial insights hidden in the information deluge.

For example, service personnel for a telecom company. And a custom mobile app that gives them real-time insights into outages gathered through customer inputs on social media. They are aware of location specific incidents and can attend to them quicker.

Or picture this, customer insights gleaned through analyzing social media interactions, location information, multi-device purchase data, website visitor analysis, past purchase history, campaign performance data … all available in easy to read metrics made available as a mobile dashboard. Available to read in real-time on the screen of a tablet wielding CXO. Need I say more on the value addition such insights can bring.

And marketing is just scratching the surface. Sales, Infrastructure Management, Product Design, Human Resources, Fleet Management, Operations. Nearly every enterprise in every vertical can make us of big data on a small device.

Businesses need to start listening. To the potential of big data and merging it with the mobile. Two forces powerful enough to sway the fortunes of businesses.

Any thoughts? I welcome your comments

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