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349 million phones were sold in Q1 2016, says Gartner Group. Camera phones are the predominate device used for capturing special events. The upcoming 4th of July celebration is a bit different than the standard photo events like birthday parties, family events, and reunions. The key reason, Fireworks!!

5 Tips for camera phone pictures

There are actually many more tips available than 5, but let’s focus on a few to keep things simple. For a more comprehensive explanation check out the Wiki site

  1. Turn off Flash. Believe me, there is more than enough light when fireworks are going off.
  2. Turn off HDR. ISO setting to 100 or lower to prolong the exposure time. HDR is your high dynamic range, and isn’t optimized for a moving image.
  3. Selfie Stick. This will allow you to get a better angle, provided you want to be seen in the great shot you just took
  4. Think about the extras included in your shot.Use Landscape mode and include more than the sky for context and comparison.
  5. Take 5-10 second videos. You can edit the content later and either publish as videos or take a single perfect frame as a photo image.

On July 4th 2016, more than 500,000 people will be enjoying the free concert on the Commons and Esplanade, so get there early for a good spot to listen to The Boston Pops Concert and secure an excellent vantage point for the fireworks.


When you consider the amount of pictures we all take, there are very few times we stop to change settings to best meet the environmental conditions. Take time to change the settings and compare the results. Consider it your “independence” day. In addition, take time to try out some of the editing tools to personalize your content. There are many options available, but my favorites are Pic Collage apps, which enable you to place several shots together to define an experience from a perspectives.

78.8% of photos are taken on mobile devices and approximately 1 trillion photos were taken in 2015. If all the photos taken in a year were printed as 4×6 paper and placed together, the result would be long enough to reach the Sun and back, says Resource Magazine.

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