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Software Testing is pivotal in ensuring that applications and systems perform as specified and expected; and can be rolled out in a timely manner to meet business objectives and to ensure seamless business continuity.

The consequences of releasing poorly tested or buggy software into the market can be grim, ranging from losing customer goodwill to legal issues and revenue losses. The role of Quality Assurance is thus paramount in the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).

However, for many organizations, achieving the desired level of quality with their software is often met with significant challenges. Apart from the need to invest in various types of resources to set up an in-house QA team that may or not be required round the year, and with all the necessary infrastructure and processes; a commonly encountered refrain is also that it is difficult for organizations to focus on their core business while also having to worry about their mobile apps, websites or other software, meeting industry standards for quality. As a result, there is often a struggle for them to establish their own testing function that can deliver high quality while also remaining cost-effective and agile.

The Solution?

Hire Managed Testing Services and benefit from professional QA work carried out at lower costs and increased efficiencies.

Managed Testing Service (MTS) providers take care of the end-to-end QA requirements for your organization including QA resources, deliveries and releases, program management and insightful QA leadership. This gives you more time and independence to focus on your core business and offering, while also resulting in better quality of your products, lesser time-to-market, optimum ROI and an overall improvement in bottom-line.

With the right MTS or Managed QA services partner, you can be assured that Quality is in the hands of professionals. With qualified QA professionals as well as the necessary tools, processes, infrastructure, and environment required to carry out testing tasks efficiently and consistently in all phases of the project, the MTS team working with you will help address major testing challenges and achieve optimum quality outcomes for your software.

There can be several significant benefits of availing Managed Testing Services from a vendor that has extensive industry and technology expertise and experience. Some of the important ones are explained below:

Business Understanding and Domain Expertise

MTS providers give you QA teams that demonstrate business knowledge, domain expertise, and technology understanding. This can prove important in ensuring that industry-standard and domain-specific best practices and guidelines are adhered to as part of the QA activities being carried out. MTS teams of this kind can bring about long-term quality by consolidating their clients’ testing needs from time-to-time and providing well-planned and well-executed testing services as suited to the business landscape and domain.

Unbiased 3rd Party Validation

MTS teams also provide a reasonable and unprejudiced perspective of different processes and systems associated with the products/application being tested and of the applications themselves. This enables companies to move away from inconsistent business processes and defects.

Well-equipped and Skilled Teams

MTS providers often have well-defined and established test processes, a body of rich work experience and testing IP such as frameworks or test case libraries to draw in from; and a talent pool of resources with broad as well as niche skillsets. They are also invested in constantly upgrading themselves to the latest and best of testing tools and technologies which in turn further strengthens the quality of the work done for their clients.

Flexible and Responsive Teams

MTS providers have the capacity to scale up or downsize the team provided to you based on your evolving requirements while keeping costs in check, thereby allowing you to move forward in a lean and agile manner. Also, the market is constantly changing and you need a QA team who can responsively adapt to market dynamics and reduce the time-to-market for new features or versions of your software. With their seasoned QA skills, MTS teams bring in efficiency and a turnaround time that could prove invaluable to your market launch or go-live plans.

Reduced Overall Costs

Several organizations have experienced a reduction in QA costs by 30pc or more by leveraging Managed QA Services. In many cases, this has been made possible by leveraging the services of offshore testing teams located in different time zones and accordingly planning testing activity and pipeline in the most efficient and optimized manner. This often results in accomplishing almost 20 person-hours of work in a single calendar day as compared to the 8 or 9 working hours per person of a single-shore team otherwise. Apart from bringing down cost with offshore testing centers, organizations also succeed in achieving more productivity with each business day and in accomplishing shorter timelines to product launch.

In a nutshell, Managed Testing Services can be your answer to reduce risk, cost and delivery time associated with software delivery and releases, and to increase the quality and efficiency of the end-to-end testing processes required by your organization.

Get in touch to know more about how your organization can benefit from this flexible and scalable QA Services engagement model aimed at helping you #DoBetter with software quality, inside-out!

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