A Phone With Terabyte Storage?
Posted by:Shyam Deval February 10th, 2015
We here at BTC are always looking for emerging technology trends in the areas that we primarily work on –Mobile Apps, Enterprise Mobility, connected health, wearable tech and IOT.  We are today in a period of continuing innovation driven by confluence of four factors – cloud, mobile, big data and social.  So there is always excitement and significant challenge in … Continue reading “A Phone With Terabyte Storage?”
Posted by:Shyam Deval September 25th, 2014
In my last blog on Mobility Strategy (read it here), I provided an overview of 7 crucial elements that factor into the making of a successful Enterprise Mobile Strategy. Each of these elements are crucial in determining the success of your companies Mobile Strategy but none is more important than the focus on the business drivers … Continue reading “Importance of Aligning Mobility Strategy to Business Goals”
Posted by:Shyam Deval September 5th, 2014
I am in the middle of reading a fascinating book by David and Tom Kelley – two brothers who have spearheaded IDEO, one of the world’s leading innovation and design firms.  David is also the creator of  d.school at Stanford University – which teaches design thinking – a unique multi-disciplinary approach to innovation. So why am I writing about innovation … Continue reading “How Innovation Happens at IDEO”
Posted by:Shyam Deval August 28th, 2014
In my last blog (read it here), I laid out a case for why it is critical for a company today to have a well thought out and actionable mobile strategy.  That case is reinforced almost every day with an environment of non-stop volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity – what the military planners have termed as … Continue reading “7 Crucial Components of a Successful Enterprise Mobile Strategy”
Posted by:Shyam Deval July 17th, 2014
Mobile Strategy’ may almost seem like a cliché nowadays but if you are a company for which consistent positive customer engagement, high employee productivity and operational efficiency as well as efficient partner and supplier relationships are critical for business success, you will be very unwise to ignore this cliché. And if you are not one of these companies, … Continue reading “Mobile Strategy – To or Not To?”
Posted by:Shyam Deval June 30th, 2014
The pervasiveness of Mobile as a critical channel in customer, employee and partner engagements continues to grow rapidly with every passing year.  And yet use of mobile for BI is still something that users continue to resist.  It’s partly because many ‘mobile first’ BI vendors continue to struggle in providing a level of maturity in their tools when it comes … Continue reading “Is ‘Mobile BI’ finally reaching the promise-land?”

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