Few Quick Thoughts on Mobile App Integration
Posted by:Richard Smith November 13th, 2015
Mobile apps are no longer a choice, but a necessity. Ever since they transformed from singled out locally installed apps on a phone to powerful tools that can establish stable connections with different systems, businesses have embraced them for improving productivity, enhancing collaboration, enabling location based content delivery, customer service and more. How do these seemingly small applications … Continue reading “Few Quick Thoughts on Mobile App Integration”
Posted by:Richard Smith October 8th, 2015
Clinical Research, iPhone Features and Contextual Data Conventional clinical research is still paper and pen based. At least, that part of research where researchers collect data from patient/participants has not changed in 50 years! Apple’s latest open source framework ResearchKit makes us think about how this can be changed. At its core this is a software framework, which is a … Continue reading “How Smartphone Features And Sensors Help Clinical Research”
Posted by:Richard Smith August 12th, 2015
The Hospitality Industry is generally defined as hotels, motels, inns, resorts or such businesses that provides transitional or short-term lodging, with or without food. What are these businesses doing to leverage mobile apps??? Finding and attracting customers Maximizing RoG – Return of the Guest The major disrupter in hospitality is AirBnB, the Uber of hospitality.It matches the owner … Continue reading “Hospitality – getting Uberized?”
Posted by:Richard Smith July 10th, 2015
Enterprises have been slower to embrace mobile applications than consumers for a number of reasons including concerns over security, lack of people with the right skills and more. More often than not, when companies begin to explore the benefits of mobile applications, they start with sales and marketing. Frequently that will mean a catalog app of some kind … Continue reading “B2B Catalog Sales Apps: Build or Buy?”
Posted by:Richard Smith May 5th, 2015
GPS has become a must-have part of our life today. From assisting us to reach our destination to guiding the nearest Uber car to our location, it has become an integral part of the business as well as the consumer world today. But GPS comes with its limitations such as when you enter a building or an underground tunnel. To … Continue reading “How many meters away from the coffee machine? (Indoor Positioning System)”
Posted by:Richard Smith March 17th, 2015
Your brand has a presence in the market that you want to capitalize upon by giving your users the power of mobility. You have a loyal customer base and are looking to expand it by launching a mobile app that people will love coming back to. While you have always succeeded in the brick-and-mortar avatar of your business, this is … Continue reading “Mobile App Analytics for Better User Retention and User Engagement”
Posted by:Richard Smith February 11th, 2015
Mobile UX ( User Experience) has significantly shifted a new gear in human computer interactivity. Especially with consumer apps that are beginning to look and feel more realistic and natural from a users point of view. But, on the other hand, Enterprise apps are just beginning to catch up with. However the dawn of new age mobile technologies and the … Continue reading “7 Keys To Get Your Enterprise App UX Right”
Topics : UX
Posted by:Richard Smith January 26th, 2015
Ok! You know that the Cloud is important! So,should you just go ahead and talk to a service provider? Wait ! Not yet ! While deciding a cloud platform for your development, storage, processing or transactional needs, it is very important to know which platform you would be deploying it on. Broadly we can divide cloud infrastructure into three groups … Continue reading “Cloud Deployment”
Posted by:Richard Smith January 22nd, 2015
Today we are looking at a rapid expansion in the usage of cloud in the enterprise. Though mainframe computers dominate when it comes to bulk data processing in many enterprises (with the added assurance that it is on-premise; hence leading to secure data ) the cloud is fast occupying a place of priority for its simplicity, scalability, accessibility in multiple devices. … Continue reading “What is happening in the clouds?”
Posted by:Richard Smith January 20th, 2015
Healthcare IT  is changing, and changing for good. Today hospitals are transforming themselves so that they are more and patient (customer ) centric.The biggest trend among  them is that of the wearables.The user friendly and risk free  capabilities that these Wearables  add to patient tracking and monitoring are immense. 2015 Is an important year for Wearables.There are key trends and technological advancements … Continue reading “Must Knows of Wearables in Healthcare (Infographic inside)”

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