All Right, One Last Time – UI is NOT UX!
Posted by:Nithin Rao January 3rd, 2014
All this hoopla about UX. If an app has “good UX” then it’s all gold. What exactly does it all mean? Just in case you were wondering – UX stands for User Experience, and not User Interface Design. Interface design is sort of part of it, but so are many other components. In Very Simple Terms Just in case you … Continue reading “All Right, One Last Time – UI is NOT UX!”
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Posted by:Nithin Rao December 30th, 2013
Why do some mobile apps seem impossible to like while others seem practically psychic? Mobile app developers the world over would certainly like to know. Wouldn’t you? What’s the differentiator between a good mobile app and a bad one? In a nutshell, User experience design. Great mobile experience has very little to do with which tool or which … Continue reading “5 Best Practices In Mobile App Design”
Posted by:Nithin Rao November 26th, 2013
A Super-quick Look At Mobile App User Experience Testing! What comes into your mind when you hear, ‘Mobile App User Experience Testing’? Quick, write those thoughts down. Then read what we have to say about it. If you’re thinking of structured, in-house test cases, think again. Nothing so very nice and comfy anymore. It’s a lot more legwork and a … Continue reading “Mobile App User Experience Testing – What’s the fuss all about?”
Posted by:Nithin Rao November 21st, 2013
I am on vacation! but NOT.  Folks out there with smartphones stop nodding your head. I had priority shipments and tracking deliveries on my mind. I downloaded the FedEx iPhone mobile app and thought it would be as simple as their website. Boy, was I wrong! So FedEx, hope you read this. My wishlist for the App. Please remember my password. … Continue reading “5 things I wish the FedEx mobile app did!”
Posted by:Nithin Rao November 21st, 2013
This Client just doesn’t get it. He thinks UX means just colors, button styles, font types… So, here is chapter one of the story. The client had a super idea for a mobile app targeted towards senior citizens. The app is still in development so cant disclose what that super idea is. Right at the start, we worked with the … Continue reading “The First Chapter Of All Things UX”
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Posted by:Nithin Rao November 21st, 2013
Did you know that 70% of current mobile apps are abandoned? That leaves a mere 30% of the apps that get the nod of the final users. Well, what then, makes an app appealing? Simply put, User Experience. Most app designers fail to capitalize on fundamental design principles. And as we know, design can make or break an … Continue reading “The 7 Cardinal Sins in App Design”
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Posted by:Nithin Rao January 23rd, 2013
You see mobile applications sprouting all over and every day on app stores. How many do you check out and how many of those you check out come close to your expectations? I’d say very few. In the corporate arena, where workers and customers are even more pressed for time and tech-savvy to boot, the usefulness and quality … Continue reading “A Sure-fire Approach to Successful Mobile Applications – User Focus”
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