Love It or Hate It: iOS 7 is Here
Posted by:Monica Samuel November 28th, 2013
The much talked about iOS 7 update has started filtering into iPhones, iPads and iPod Touch devices across the globe. Mobile app development teams and mobile app design teams are eager to get their hands on it. But, it’s triggering mixed reactions. The new interface has a lot of zooming in and out, panning and automation that’s nice … Continue reading “Love It or Hate It: iOS 7 is Here”
Topics : UX
Posted by:Monica Samuel June 13th, 2013
Meaningful Usage 2 (MU2) core objectives require healthcare practitioners, health centers and care givers to demonstrate meaningful use of Electronic Health Records (EHR) that enable workflow efficiencies, healthcare accessibility and consequently better patient care. This can only be achieved through the effective interoperability of otherwise siloed systems within hospitals as well as laboratories and care givers such as … Continue reading “MU2 Objectives Unachievable Without Interoperability”
Posted by:Monica Samuel May 25th, 2013
Long patient waits, bed shortages, and resource wastage are common problems across hospitals. With healthcare reform aiming to expand healthcare outreach, hospitals need to increase capacity to prepare for the expected surge in patients once healthcare becomes affordable and accessible to America’s uninsured and the aging community. Enterprise mobility Solutions can help organizations achieve this target with efficient hospital … Continue reading “Enterprise Mobility Enables Hospital Capacity Management for Savings & Utilization”
Posted by:Monica Samuel May 21st, 2013
Point of care mobility solutions help doctors and nurses deliver quality healthcare at a patient’s bedside, during doctor-patient encounters, at remote locations, and in emergency situations. With point of care solutions at hand, care givers can access clinical information and hospital systems on need basis for accurate and timely treatment of patients at all times. According to a Manhattan Research … Continue reading “Point of Care Mobility Solutions for Patient Safety & Quality Healthcare”
Posted by:Monica Samuel May 15th, 2013
mHealth  apps and medical devices have become hugely popular. The number of people who downloaded health related mobile apps in 2012 touched 247 million, a 200% jump from 2011. That’s great news for healthcare software solution vendors. However, with the change in the regulatory landscape, app developers must also understand FDA Draft Guidance governing the design, development and … Continue reading “FDA Draft Guidelines for Healthcare Software Solutions”
Posted by:Monica Samuel April 30th, 2013
The healthcare industry is abuzz with strategies and plans to manage initiatives under the new Obamacare guidelines. Enterprise mobile solutions can help healthcare providers manage the transformation and create new opportunities. With the focus moving away from the ‘pay-for-service’ to ‘pay-for-performance’ model, practitioners should leverage technology to enhance hospital processes, support better patient care, reduce readmission, and improve … Continue reading “Healthcare CIOs: Manage Electronic Health Records (EHR) with Mobile Solutions”
Posted by:Monica Samuel April 16th, 2013
Gone are the days when customer service was an afterthought for businesses. Well, at least retail businesses that dealt with mass consumers. Today, companies differentiate themselves from competition by offering quality customer service that keeps their customers coming back to them. Trends that have facilitated and supported this positive move are the rise of the Internet, increasing availability of personal … Continue reading “Customer Service Comes Full Circle”
Posted by:Monica Samuel April 10th, 2013
Software applications pervade every space – automotive, electrical, apparel, electronics, mechanical, and more. There’s a chip to control elements, monitor state, report statistics, make connections or generally, make an inanimate device smarter and intelligent. Technology has taken us from room sized computers to nano chips, wired telephones to satellite communication, and chunky keyboards to touchscreens. The next wave is on … Continue reading “Gear Up for 3D Gestures on Smartphones, Computers, TV & More”
Posted by:Monica Samuel April 4th, 2013
Apache TomEE (Tommy) is like a pain reliever for enterprise application developers who have racked their brains against monolithic application servers like WebSphere or WebLogic and even plain Java EE. Not only is TomEE lightweight, stable and high performing, it is easy to set up, configure and integrate with myriad application components. David Blevins, founder … Continue reading “Apache TomEE Adds Zing to Enterprise Application Development”
Posted by:Monica Samuel March 31st, 2013
The May 2014 deadline is coming closer and medical providers in USA are looking at ways to improve patient engagement systems to comply with the federal regulations under the ONC Meaningful Use Phase 2 (MU2). However, the primary challenge appears to be physicians’ resistance to an economic model that reduces their income as well as the outdated technological expertise of … Continue reading “Mobile Applications in Healthcare Need Physician & Hospital Support”

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