Interoperability in IoT and Mobile
Posted by:McKinley Hackett May 31st, 2016
A few months ago I was about to purchase multiple Nest products so I could take another step towards home automation.  I was intrigued by the idea of being able to track and control smart devices for temperature, security, and fire safety. Being in the industry, I am quite aware of the importance of interoperability.  You do not want solutions … Continue reading “Interoperability in IoT and Mobile”
Posted by:McKinley Hackett May 12th, 2016
I have an App idea!  …just because you can doesn’t mean you should. There are 92 billion apps downloaded, with another 268 million projected for 2017 and hundreds of thousands of people making apps.   Trust me…you don’t want just anybody building your app. The mobile industry has gone through ebbs and flows as the smartphone industry has matured.  Those … Continue reading “I Have an App Idea! …Just Because You Can Doesn’t Mean You Should”
Posted by:McKinley Hackett April 26th, 2016
The IoT market is huge. The worldwide spend will be $348 million in 2016, $434 million in 2017 and $547 million in 2018. Analyst firms predict that over half of all IoT implementations will use some form of cloud-based security by 2020.  There will be billions of devices connected to the Internet.  The increases in communications, analytics, and efficiencies are … Continue reading “Securing Your Things On the Internet = IoT Security”
Posted by:McKinley Hackett April 14th, 2016
There are 5.4 million Americans afflicted with Alzheimer’s and estimates that number to grow to nearly 15 million by 2050. So this means most of us will be impacted by the disease in some manner. The IoT sock Last week I met with an innovative company, AizoOn @aizoongroup, who has taken the sensoriafitness the 2015 … Continue reading “Grandma and the IoT Sock”
Posted by:McKinley Hackett March 24th, 2016
IoT described so my grandmother can understand… If you’re reading this, then you probably already know IoT stands for The Internet of Things. Even armed with this knowledge some basics can still be uncovered.  The Internet of Things is also referred to as the Internet of Everything, but we’ll address that later. Let’s start with the standard Wikipedia definition of … Continue reading “IoT 101 – Explained So Even Grandma Can Understand”
Posted by:McKinley Hackett March 8th, 2016
The advances in IoT-m, Internet of Things for medical, are both exhilarating and ominous. Earlier this week, Duke University published results for taking the brainwaves from a monkey to control a robotic chair! Yes, it’s a bit creepy to think about brainwaves controlling a device, but once you get past the shock-and-awe of the situation, the opportunity for medical advancements … Continue reading “Monkey Mind Controls A Wheelchair, An Internet of Things solution”
Posted by:McKinley Hackett February 25th, 2016
Of course by now you’ve heard of various expansions on the term IoT to “The Internet of Objects,” ‘The Internet of Services,” and my favorite, “The Internet of Everything.”  The Internet of Things for Medical is poised to take a large portion of the nearly $6 trillion, which will be spent on IoT solutions over the next five years, as … Continue reading “IoT-m “The Internet of Things for Medical””
Posted by:McKinley Hackett February 3rd, 2016
This blog was originally  published on LinkedIn Pulse. There is yet another storm brewing where mobile left off, with a new world called “The Internet of Things” (IoT). Twenty-six billion new devices will be connected to the Internet by 2020 (Gartner Group). IoT homes, known as smarthomes, or Connect Homes, are, and will be, the first adopters of these new … Continue reading “IoT SMB: The “Second Mover Benefit” for Small Business”

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