Baby Boomers vs Millennials in mHealth
Posted by:McKinley Hackett December 9th, 2016
There are now more millennials (75.4M) in the workforce than Baby Boomers (74.9M). In 2016, Millennials are in the 19-35 age range and Baby Boomers are in the 52-70 range. But despite the apparent differences in these demographics, both groups are tech savvy and already used to technology enhanced customer experiences.   Patient Engagement matters even more since Baby Boomers … Continue reading “Baby Boomers vs Millennials in mHealth”
Posted by:McKinley Hackett November 15th, 2016
Using patient medical records including assessments, tests, procedures and other relevant medical history for Clinical Trials has been a common-place practice supported by very robust and comprehensive platform systems. With the pervasiveness of mobile devices, healthcare wearable’s and other sensors, there is a tremendous opportunity to collect rich and more complete dataset directly from patients. Medidata Patient Cloud is a … Continue reading “Patient-Centric Clinical Research: Panel Discussion at Medidata Symposium 2016”
Posted by:McKinley Hackett September 12th, 2016
The medical industry has been on a journey to improve efficiencies and communications. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) has awarded $120,000,000 to enroll 350,000 participants via mobile phones… Doctors Moving to Mobile Only 16% of healthcare professional currently use mobile applications with their patients, but 46% plan to do so in the next 5 years. According to Research … Continue reading “Doctors Moving To Mobile Patient Engagement”
Posted by:McKinley Hackett August 25th, 2016
Ok, I made the title to grab your attention. In the world of needing to use a bathroom outside at parks and construction sites, companies like United Site Services has devised a great way to make sure portable restrooms are clean and accessible. Typically some staff person at a park or at a construction site is responsible for checking on … Continue reading “Smartphone Enabled Porta Potty”
Posted by:McKinley Hackett August 11th, 2016
Apple sold 40 million iPhones were sold last quarter, which is 15% less than last year. Q3 2016 revenue was $42.4 billion, compared to $49.6 billion. These declining device revenues open up an increase in mobile app revenues and services. As part of promoting more app downloads, Apple has a new Reality Show coming out next year, 2017. Planet of … Continue reading “Declining Apple Device Sales Drives A New Reality Show!”
Posted by:McKinley Hackett July 28th, 2016
In a strange way, Pokémon Go is also driving increased activity for our youth, as kids search for elusive Pokémon by walking around. As we continue to engage with technology to help us manage our health, we embark on the crossroads of IoT and Patient Engagement. First off, IoT stands for the Internet of Things, and Wearables will generate $14 … Continue reading “The Patient Engagement in an IoT Pokémon Go World”
Posted by:McKinley Hackett July 14th, 2016
A few weeks ago Glucose Advisors has added a fantastic resource for people with diabetes to better manage their health and activity. There are 1.25 Americans living with T1D (Type 1 Diabetes), including 200,000 youth (less than 20 years old). Less than 1/3 of the people with T1D are achieving target glucose control levels and there is $14B … Continue reading “Glucose Advisors Diabetes IoT App”
Posted by:McKinley Hackett July 1st, 2016
Gartner has estimated that some 6.4 Billion connected things will be in use by the end of 2016, with some 5.5 million new things getting connected every day. The IoT revolution is spreading and healthcare institutions are embracing the change. The industry is leveraging this nexus and taking advantage of connected devices to improve healthcare outcomes and patient engagements. What … Continue reading “IOT In Healthcare:What’s In Store ?”
Posted by:McKinley Hackett June 28th, 2016
349 million phones were sold in Q1 2016, says Gartner Group. Camera phones are the predominate device used for capturing special events. The upcoming 4th of July celebration is a bit different than the standard photo events like birthday parties, family events, and reunions. The key reason, Fireworks!! 5 Tips for camera phone pictures There are actually many more tips … Continue reading “Best Fireworks Photos Ever! …5 Tips On Phone Settings”
Posted by:McKinley Hackett June 14th, 2016
Every Father’s Day we are challenged with trying to figure out what’s the best gift to get your father. Hey I just put together a listing of the Top 10 Gifts for 2016 for your dad we will take a look at the corresponding apps that will drive the best level of enjoyment and excitement for your dad. An average … Continue reading “Father’s Day… There’s An App For That”

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