Mobile Device Management – Nightmarish, But Doable?
Posted by:Leesa John February 26th, 2014
How to balance multiple needs where everything is multiple – devices, device models, operating systems, applications? Consider managing security for corporate-owned and employee owned (read BYOD here) devices. Consider the support costs and business risks this scenario represents. It’s a horror movie in the making. What Top Enterprises Are Doing When the horror of MDM first began to unfold, enterprises … Continue reading “Mobile Device Management – Nightmarish, But Doable?”
Posted by:Leesa John February 11th, 2014
In a recent interview with TSAM organizers, Alan Hamilton, CEO of Equipos said that asset managers spend only 50% of their time on client service activities. The other 50% is spent on preparing and delivering reports. Alan brought up about one of the biggest issues that advisors face – not spending enough time with the clients. Even during the time … Continue reading “The Future of Advisor-Client Interaction”
Posted by:Leesa John February 4th, 2014
Look around! Most of your fellow financial advisors (the biggies, the mid-sized and the small ones) have some kind of mobile app. 2013 was the year for most of them to embrace mobility. It’s been a year now and it’s time for evaluations. If you remember, the concept of mobile apps in the financial services sector had a … Continue reading “Advisors: Don’t lose focus on your Goldmines”
Posted by:Leesa John February 4th, 2014
Have you tried any of the amazing mobile apps for financial goal discussion or portfolio performance monitoring? If you haven’t, then it’s time you put that smartphone or tablet to good use. You will be amazed by the wide range of mobile apps that have entered thefinancial services sector. Here are 10 mobile apps that we … Continue reading “Top 10 Custom Mobile Apps for Financial Advisors in 2014”
Posted by:Leesa John January 30th, 2014
Ask any mobile app developer about mobile app testing and you’ll get an earful. You might even wonder what the fuss is all about. After all, it’s about ensuring quality, functionality and performance. Right! But when it comes to those small devices we cannot live without, things are much more complicated than that. Here is a cheat sheet on app … Continue reading “The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On Mobile App Testing”
Posted by:Leesa John January 22nd, 2014
In 2012, HTML5-based web apps took the mobile world and the internet by storm. We’re at the dawn of 2014 now and the trends are shifting again. For starters, mobile web apps are essentially mobile websites accessed on mobile devices via mobile browsers. They are not downloaded from app stores and that makes them different. The big question is, which … Continue reading “Key mobile web app trends you can’t ignore!”
Posted by:Leesa John January 22nd, 2014
Who among us wouldn’t like to have the best of both worlds? Well, I do! In fact, most of the enterprises too. Who wouldn’t want a perfect package that offers the best of native apps and mobile web apps? Hybrid mobile apps are written in HTML5, CSS and JavaScript which runs uniformly across various mobile OS. The uniqueness of hybrid … Continue reading “3 questions to ask before developing a Hybrid Mobile App”
Posted by:Leesa John January 20th, 2014
This could be your current situation – you have decided to develop mobile apps for your business. You know your target audience, and realize mobile apps will solve certain pain points or enhance certain functions. But the most crucial decision you make when you embark on a mobile app development project is the nature of your mobile app. … Continue reading “A quick checklist to decide on Native Mobile Apps”
Posted by:Leesa John January 8th, 2014
A large number of enterprises are finding web or hybrid mobile applications the best fit for their internal and external business requirements. Be it a customer-facing application or an employee productivity tool, web and hybrid solutions are becoming the cheaper alternative to native app development … catering to the ever expanding range of new mobile platforms. Mobile Enterprise … Continue reading “Top Mobile Enterprise Application Platforms (MEAP) for Web & Hybrid Mobile Apps”
Posted by:Leesa John January 3rd, 2014
Ok – what’s the count so far in 2013? Do we even have a count? Let’s see – the hugely promoted Android KitKat is soon to make an entry, and there’s Windows 8, and iOS 7 among the big players. Let’s not forget the smaller minions – Tizen, Ubuntu, Firefox OS and BlackBerry. How on earth … Continue reading “All These Mobile OS Version Changes – Honestly, How Do We Cope?”

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