A Sales Manager’s Forecasting Nightmare – 5 Challenges faced by Sales Leaders
Posted by:Jayas Damodaran June 10th, 2015
Steve is the GM Sales for North Eastern US at a leading software company. He has just got off the phone with his VP Sales – his face still red with embarrassment. Steve had thought he had the forecast under control – the deals in the CRM added well, the sales team was upbeat – and as per the latest … Continue reading “A Sales Manager’s Forecasting Nightmare – 5 Challenges faced by Sales Leaders”
Posted by:Jayas Damodaran May 12th, 2015
Organizations have been quick to adopt the Mobility trail.They are aware that by encouraging workers and executives to go mobile, the gains are immense in terms of employee productivity, customer satisfaction, cost control and revenue growth. Multiple surveys have highlighted such benefits. A recent report of Boston Consulting Group spoke about two times the growth in revenue among … Continue reading “Enterprise Mobility: User Adoption Is Key To Success”
Posted by:Jayas Damodaran July 15th, 2014
In today’s fast paced competitive business environment, implementing mobility in your business is no longer a “nice to have option” – but an absolute necessity.  And if you are a mid market company aspiring to grow into the big league, Enterprise Mobility is surely a key driver for growth that you cannot afford to ignore. Let us take … Continue reading “Top 5 Reasons Why Mid Market Companies Should Get “Mobile” Now!!”

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