Past Clients Are Saying Great Things!
Posted by:admin March 21st, 2017
“Boston Technology Corporation’s immediacy of response is impeccable. Whenever we have any issues, and I have to contact them, I have someone reaching back usually within the hour.” – Cofounder, Farm2Tables “Boston Technology Corporation was truly a part of our team … “ – Founder, My Gene Counsel The quotes above are just the tip of … Continue reading “Past Clients Are Saying Great Things!”
Posted by:admin April 27th, 2016
Enterprise mobility was a buzzword a couple of years ago but is passé in today’s enterprise world.Enterprise mobile apps have run the gamut from one off apps to test the waters to scalable, flexible app portfolios that are meet variety of enterprise needs. However one thing that has not changed is the principles that determine enterprise app success … Continue reading “Enterprise Mobility – Mature At Last?”
Posted by:admin March 6th, 2014
Technology has always played an important role in driving business forward. The invention of the computer and Internet allowed us to reach new markets instantly and efficiently. The rise of wireless meant we were always connected to our clients and allowed us to expand our networks across the globe. The next game changer for business has arrived: mobile technology. For … Continue reading “Is There an App for That? Mobile Technology and the Future of Medical Sales”
Posted by:admin April 3rd, 2013
Statistics collected by California-based Net Applications show mobile browser usage doubling in the last 12 months and tripling over 24 months. The change parallels the shifting trend of people using smartphones and tablets to go online rather than spending time stationed in front of desktops or laptops. Not surprisingly, desktop browser usage fell to 86.2% in February 2013 from last … Continue reading “Mobile Browser Usage Goes Up – Growing Opportunity for Web Application Development”
Posted by:admin March 4th, 2013
Apple’s Mac systems, especially the MacBook Air, are no longer being used by enterprise employees for design, architectural layouts, software development … alone. Corporate workers, especially, senior executives are demanding Macs to get their work done and enjoy the glory of owning a device that classifies as a status symbol. While the trend bodes well for Macs, Windows PCS have … Continue reading “Mac Creeps Up on the Windows Dominated Enterprise Workspace”
Posted by:admin November 22nd, 2012
Android is open source, it is customizable and the darling of many mobile application developers. But popularity as they say, comes at a price. In this case, it’s the lack of security. In 2012 alone, 30,000 malicious and high risk Android apps were discovered in June and this increased to almost 175,000 between … Continue reading “Google Boosts Android Security with New App Scanner in Jelly Bean”
Posted by:admin June 28th, 2012
Every meeting involving enterprise CXOs touches upon cloud applications at least once. The financial and administrative advantages of cloud apps versus on-premise apps is no doubt tempting but as revealed by Forrester’s report on the ROI of Clouds, it’s important for sourcing executives to consider the long-term cost of ownership before taking a decision. According to Gartner, Goldman Sachs Research … Continue reading “Long-term ROI of Cloud-based Enterprise Applications: Forrester Reports”
Posted by:admin March 8th, 2012
Every project is associated with some risks. To presume that a project is invulnerable to risks or that and you have it all covered is unrealistic and potentially expensive. With project risk management brought into every phase of software development, you can assess risks, analyze impact, and finally eliminate or minimize their effect on the whole project. What exactly is … Continue reading “No Project Risk Management is a Recipe for Disaster”
Posted by:admin February 21st, 2012
If you are an Apple aficionado, the latest Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion is going to make a loyal devotee out of you. The Mac OS is inspired by iPad and includes a number of features that support seamless synchronization across iOS devices including iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch; deeper Twitter integration (alas! Facebook is still out … Continue reading “The iOSization of Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion”
Posted by:admin September 29th, 2011
Delphi was the top programming language used to develop desktop applications for Windows during the 1990s. The highlights of Delphi included its clear syntax and easy to read code, an IDE that really worked for the RAD concept, support for complete Windows API, ability to use third party DLLs and create low level code, great documentation and a large community. … Continue reading “Why is Delphi on the Outer Edge of Programming Languages?”

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