Posted by:Shyam Sundar March 22nd, 2011

Foursquare and Gowalla were the first mainstream apps that made use of the phone’s GPS. The game dynamics of Foursquare is so fully entrenched in our minds that a lot of apps go the badge route and require users to check-in to a venue to earn points, rewards, etc. Although great at attracting early adopters, becoming a mayor of Green-leaf Inn may not be everybody’s dream come true.The best use of location awareness I’ve seen is that of Evernote’s. Say you are at a client’s office and made some notes during a meeting, Evernote captures the location along with it so when you want to recall it later, you can bring up all the notes you made at that client’s workplace.

Lost your phone? There are apps that can transmit the phone’s location to your home-pc.

Forgot to take a picture on your last hiking trip? You can login to Flickr and browse through pictures taken at the same location using the GPS coordinates stored in their meta-data.Trying to figure out how much you travelled on your last holiday? Google’s Lattitude can give you a list of places you visited on a map.

Visiting a new country and don’t really know what you are looking at? Layar can overlay information over images captured through the phone camera.

Location aware apps can do so much more than hand out badges and mayorships. We are still in the early stages of unlocking the full potential of location aware smartphones.

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