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Managed Services for healthcare applications and cloud infrastructure. Offload your work in 1 week, flat.

Trusted by top healthcare organizations and Digital Health startups, our team of engineers uses a proprietary managed services model to remove variability in your costs and deliver on constantly improving KPIs and SLAs. Get time to focus on what matters more.

Get managed services for:

  • Healthcare mobile and web applications
  • Healthcare products and platforms
  • Cloud Infrastructure
  • Storage
  • Patch management
  • IAM
  • CI/CD
  • Security threat management
  • DevOps
  • HL7, FHIR integrations

We ensure HIPAA and SOC2 compliance in all our projects.

We eliminate your risks of engaging with us be it on quality, consistency or cost.

Google Cloud and the FDA trust us to execute their projects.

We have freed up thousands of hours of engineers working at healthcare organizations and digital health startups to focus on more deep work.

Trusted by a diverse set of healthcare organizations


Case Studies

Managed Services for the ‘Heroes Health’ by UNC Health

Heroes Health is a mobile app (Android and iOS) built on an open-source platform called ‘FDA MyStudies’ built by BTC for UNC Health on Google Cloud.

It caters to thousands of healthcare workers across the country who are suffering from mental stress while they continue to support those hit with Covid-19. Based on user data analysis, the app provides relevant links for immediate support and mental health resources.

BTC built this application and continues to maintain and support these applications and Google Cloud platform infrastructure.


Managed Services for Acuity Link’s Intelligent (Medical) Transport Platform

The ‘Intelligent Transport’ is a comprehensive communications and logistics management platform that links healthcare systems with non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) providers.

The platform consists of three web applications and two mobile applications (each on iOS and Android). The platform is integrated with Lyft, transfer centers, and other legacy applications such as CAD (Computer Aided Dispatch) systems that transport providers are using. With real-time monitoring and communication, the platform helps save valuable time and costs for everyone.

BTC built this entire platform and has undertaken the maintenance and support of these applications and AWS infrastructure under Managed Services model

Acuity Link's Intelligent (Medical) Transport Platform Now acquired by Central Logic

Managed Services for SafeDose® Application Suit on AWS

SafeDose used BTC’s Managed Services to maintain and support their web-based and mobile-enabled clinical support applications, along with maintenance of associated AWS cloud infrastructure.

These applications have several external integrations, including G-Suite, EHR, and CRM systems. SafeDose standardizes and simplifies the complex process of drug administration and helps clinicians avoid mistakes.

SafeDose® Application suit on AWS

BTC is ready to manage your applications and cloud infrastructure at scale.

We support full technology stack on mobile, web, cloud (GCP and AWS), IoT, EHR, Interoperability, CMS, rules engine products, data analytics, AI, ML, and integration with enterprise applications, SaaS solutions, and more.

BTC Advantage 1

Continuous improvements in quality and performance improvements with automation and other means.

BTC Advantage 2

Get minor application enhancements to meet impromptu business needs without adding costs.

BTC Advantage 3

Move towards a business outcome-based model aligned with business objectives.

Value Addition 1

Free up your high-skilled people to focus on strategic initiatives. Build new applications, products that can keep the organization future-ready.

Value Addition 2

Lower the cost of support & maintenance without compromising on quality and performance.

Value Addition 3

Improve user experience with minor application enhancements.

BTC’s Managed Services for Healthcare Applications and Cloud Infrastructure

Application Maintenance and Support

  • Bug fixes and routine maintenance
  • Small enhancements/changes requests
  • Full 24/7 support
  • SLAs driven delivery

Application Value Management

  • Continuous quality improvements
  • Performance improvements
  • Automation
  • New idea generation

Quality Assurance and Testing

  • Integration and regression testing
  • Testing automation
  • Security and compliance testing

Release Management

  • DevOps + Security
  • Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery (CI / CD)

Cloud Infrastructure (GCP, AWS)

  • Backup, Storage
  • Patch management and version upgrade
  • Compliance and security management
  • Monitoring and notification
  • Provisioning and orchestration
  • Governance
  • Application performance management

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