Posted by:Ranjani Rao January 3rd, 2014

How do you integrate modern apps into your legacy databases and migrate to them? It’s up to you – you can continue with the same old methods, or develop a new view into your business and its applications. So what do you want to do about it? Be all stick in the mud or adapt the latest strategies in EAI?

Let’s Leave The Typical Scenario Behind

If you’re still using the early avatar of broker-based EAI, consider this:
  • Brokers use centralized hubs; if these fail, your entire app integration network comes down
  • Brokers become a message bottleneck during heavy load times
  • Brokers aren’t efficient when it comes to distributing messages across large geographical distances
  • Broker implementations are vendor-proprietary, which makes it difficult to integrate products from other vendors
Why leave this scenario behind? Well, if the above reasons aren’t enough for you, here’s more:
  • Lack of clear EAI architectural standards
  • Proprietary and therefore very expensive products
  • Heavyweight and worked only in a fully homogenous system

Oh, So What Next?

Well, it’s quite simply really – just board the BUS! Get away from the brokered hub and its issues, and embrace the Bus Architecture. What gives?
  • No more bottleneck – tasks distributed across the network
  • Higher scalability – no geographic limits to app integration
  • No more hard-coding – security transaction processing and error handling made simple
  • Guaranteed reliability
Say hello to the Enterprise Service Bus (ESB). It’s high time you did so, especially if you want to make a success out of your EAI and SOA efforts. Before you do so, however, evaluate the ESB’s performance under load, its intended use scenario and maturity. With the latest ESB technologies, you’ll be better prepared to handle your present and future app integration challenges.

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