Posted by:Nithin Rao September 12th, 2014

[The Friday Find - A new series that covers fascinating innovations and amazing creations in the world of Mobile business and technology

For the Friday Find series this week, did you really think it would be anything but the Apple Watch?

Since its dramatic appearance at the hyped Apple event Tuesday, Apple Watch has been the topic of countless articles. Its looks, technology, uses and features have been discussed, dissected, dissed and praised in equal measures.

And Kudos to Apple! As usual, they have launched a product that has immense potential. From Apple fanboys to fashionistas, the watch has got them talking.

What is fascinating about the Watch? Here is why people will love it.

The Watch, the look:

Any wearable, to be successful has to appeal aesthetically. And the Apple Watch has it pat down. Available in three different varieties – Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sport, and the Apple Edition watch, each has features designed to appeal to the individual personality of the user. The Edition watches have a case crafted from 18-karat gold with a display that is protected by polished sapphire crystal. The Sport collection cases are made from lightweight anodized aluminum and a matching band that comes in 5 different colors. I can go on, but you get my point.

These watches have been made to last, to face the stress of daily, busy, lives. It adapts well to the lifestyles, to activities, and it looks gorgeous. At this point, it has crossed the line from wearable to smart fashion accessory.

People . are . going . to . wear . them – period.


The Digital Crown:

The beauty of the digital crown is that Apple has taken a standard, routine feature of analog watches and transformed it into a handy multifunction input and navigational tool. By easily rotating the crown to zoom and scroll, users no longer need to pinch and zoom on the tiny surface anymore. Also acting as a home button, the digital crown is pure Apple genius all the way – user focused and functional.


The Taptic Engine:

This produces haptic feedback that is almost like a tap on the wrist. So, when a user receives an alert of notification, she can feel a perceptible, physical sensation.Be it a business-like tap for a meeting or something as personal as a heartbeat, the Watch is an uber-cool conduit for communication.

The Health Connection:

With Health and HealthKit becoming an integral part of iOS8, what the Apple Watch can accomplish is increased adoption of healthier lifestyles and the ability to better manage health. From specially designed sensors that use infrared and visible-light LEDs to photodiodes that detect your heart rate, Apple Watch can seamlessly become a part of the user’s wellness and self-care regime.


Mind you, this is a short list. There have been other smartwatches that have made their foray in the market, before Apple. But, the styling and functionality of the Apple Watch truly sets its apart from the pack.  The Watch has the potential to become a gamechanger and an integral part of people’s lives.  Be it as a fitness tracker, a device to communicate, to make payments via Apple Pay , as a remote for other smart home devices and more – take your pick.

A lot also remains to be seen – How much will the adoption rate of the Watch extend beyond the Apple loyalist camp? Will the price point work in the Watch’s favor or against?

Well, that’s something only ‘time’ will tell !

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