Posted by:Monica Samuel March 20th, 2012

The latest Apple tablet is simply called iPad. No 1 or 2 or 3 to it anymore just like the iPod. There’s no doubt that the third gen iPad is THE ONE. And as with all Apple products, it will be the new benchmark for all other tablet manufacturers.

Steve Jobs’ company introduced some cool changes in the iPad 2 followed by some impressive enhancements and new features with iOS 5 and the iCloud. With iPad 3, Apple has further improved on the hardware and software, leading to a breathtaking experience that is Apple’s forte.

What’s new on iPad 3?

The most important enhancement to the latest iPad is the Retina display. That’s four times more pixels than the iPad 2 – 2048x1536p resolution to be exact; with 44 percent greater color saturation and 3.1 million pixels fit into the very same 9.7-inch space. Do you love the iPad 2 display? Well, this one is going to floor you. Completely. Reviews of the tablet’s Retina display include descriptions like ‘breathing and life-like,’ ‘sharp like no other,’ and ‘unbelievably real.’

The iPad 3 also boasts a pumped up A5 processor with quad-core graphics. There’s also a rumored increase of RAM to 1GB from 512MB. That would be needed for the high resolution display alone; to sustain the performance Apple is known for. Games like Infinity Blade, SkyGamblers, and Mortal Kombat perform amazingly with no jarring or lag.

Another major addition is the 4G LTE connectivity. Reviewers are impressed with LTE speeds on the iPad 3 and the low impact on battery life. Apple is undeniably the king of technology in the tablet domain, hands down.

Then there’s the 5mp camera, a major step ahead from the less than 1mp camera on the iPad 2 which was really, well, pathetic. But hey, no one buys an iPad for the camera. In any case, iPAd 3 resolves that pain point. With the impressive photo editing app iPhoto thrown in, it’s a straight hit.

Despite giving more on iPad 3, Apple has retained its mass market appeal.  First, same price. That’s cool though it does make iPad and iPad 2 owners burn. Second, same battery life. That’s a very impressive feat considering the high-res display, powerhouse processor, and 4G connectivity. Third, features have been enhanced and new functions have been added; nothing has been thrown away.

The one thing Apple had to sacrifice on the iPad 3 was the thickness. The latest iPad is 0.6mm thicker than the iPad 2, across various models. Even so, the tab is thinner than many other tablets on the market.

One point of concern for iPad 3 buyers will be storage. iPad 3 specific apps, games and HD movies make for large downloads. As more of these become available on the App Store, a 16GB iPad will fill up fairly quickly. Even 64GB will feel inadequate. Apple’s next target could be higher storage tabs. I’d love to see a USB port thrown in but that’s not going to happen any time soon since Apple has made no changes to the dependency on iTunes.

To conclude, the iPad 3 is awesome. It doesn’t warrant ditching your iPad or iPad 2 but be warned: don’t check out the new model at any store. Your old tab will suddenly look lousy.

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