Posted by:Ranjani Rao July 19th, 2016

More than an year after its introduction, Apple’s ResearchKit platform is finally being used by a pharma company in its clinical trial. GlaxoSmithKline ( GSK) is using ResearchKit to gather valuable patient data from 300 rheumatoid arthritis patients in a study.

GSK’s app tracks many common symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis patients such as joint pain and fatigue and gathers data from patients through both sensors and actual surveys. The app makes use of sensors to monitor and record patient wrist movement during wrist exercises. This will give GSK a standardized assessment for range of motion. Through surveys, it seeks to collect information from patients on metrics like fatigue, mood and joint pain, duration it was felt and more.

One of the biggest advantages of using the ResearchKit is increasing enrollment figures and engaging the participants. With this app, GSK can gather real world data on a daily / consistent basis. This valuable data can help researchers with more insights.

GSK’s study is called Patient Rheumatoid Arthritis data from the Real World ( PARADE) .’ One thing we’ll learn is whether we made it compelling enough to make you want to interact with it everyday’ said Rob DiCicco, head of Glaxo’s clinical innovation and digital platforms group on Bloomberg.

This maiden app can also help other pharma companies evaluate the effectiveness of Apple’s ResearchKit and how it can better retain participants in a study. It also reduces costs as GSK does not have to establish clinical trial centers to collect such sensor data from participants.

The effectiveness of ResearchKit in this case can help further propel the use of smartphones and tablets as compared to traditional methods in clinical studies. ResearchKit Apps can be used to attract, enroll, engage and retain study participants. Interactive videos, surveys, reminders, notifications, alerts are all ways technology can ease traditional woes associated with clinical trial studies.

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