Posted by:Ranjani Rao July 13th, 2016

When Apple came out with the ResearchKit more than a year ago, its goal was to ‘use technology to solve some of the biggest problems facing medical research’. And from then to now, there has been a lot of demonstrable progress in the field of research with the use of ResearchKit.

Mobile apps that use the ResearchKit have targeted areas of research like asthma, cardiac wellness, Parkinson and diabetes. These ResearchKit apps have been eagerly adopted by participants, across demographics and geographies. Research studies do not need to be small or “local” any more. In fact, data gathered from a ResearchKit based asthma study, was able to discover triggers from all 50 states, a very significant finding, arrived at in a fairly short span of time in the medical research domain.

Findings like this, are creating a clear path to advancements in treatment, in the near future.


The question now is not “if” to use ResearchKit but “how” to use it. This requires collaboration between researchers, hospitals, universities and other research organizations as well as the mobile app development community to be able to bring the research study to the participant on their phone. This process starts with setting up the study information, the consent process, recruiting participants and continues with the process of gathering data for research through surveys and questionnaires. Integrating with other Apple frameworks like HealthKit and CareKit makes the process of providing data even easier for the participant and also means improved accuracy of the data with less scope for human error.

Andoid’s ResearchStack released recently to cater to the Android smartphone market, thereby ensuring higher participant coverage.

These are definitely interesting times for the medical research industry!

Check Apple ResearchKit framework in action!Watch this demo how you can use the various features of smartphone for your research study.

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