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Apple is readying to launch another phenomenal product, the iWatch. That too by the end of 2013, if Bloomberg reports are to be believed. Moreover, the device is expected to become Apple’s next best seller, breaking previous records of the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. While everyone was waiting for Apple to launch a TV that sets new trends this year, news of an iWatch started filtering through. But what can Apple deliver on a watch-sized display that will make people want to buy it? Turns out, a lot! Apple is a leader in creating benchmark user experiences – this has been proven time and again. If Apple indeed launches the iWatch, users’ expectations from it will run sky high.According to Citigroup Inc. analyst Oliver Chen, the global watch industry is expected to generate more than $60 billion in 2015. If indeed the iWatch releases this year, the timing would be perfect.


Apple reportedly has a team of 100 product designers, marketers, and engineers working on the wristwatch design that could incorporate multiple features such as making calls and checking statistics, weather reports, stock tickers, dashboards, day schedule, and similar visuals. Since checking important stats on a device strapped to the wrist is less time consuming and distracting, the iWatch could be an attractive option for executives who spend a lot of time in meetings or on the street.

But the true worth of the iWatch will lie in its capabilities as an attachable device. The iWatch could include sensors that enable it to monitor body parameters such as pulse rate, movement, sleep, temperature, cardiac rhythm, etc. Already, Apple has a contract with Nike for pairing its devices with running shoes, among others.

Secondly, the iWatch could become a watchdog device that protects a user’s personal or business data on her iPhone or iPad. An iWatch could become the first security gate for a paired mobile device (connected via Bluetooth, RFID or NFC). The watch could work like a physical security token for the user, allowing access to the mobile device only after authentication.

With the right hardware, iWatch could implement biometric authentication through facial recognition, iris scan, thumb print or maybe even the more advanced cardiac rhythm technology. The feature could be extended to enable remote wipe of device data in case someone steals the paired device and tries to access it directly. Mobile security with the iWatch could open doors for Apple devices across enterprises.

The iWatch will also be an exciting device for mobile application developers. Apple has always distinguished itself in innovation. The same directive will apply to the mobile applications that will feature on the diminutive screen space of the wristwatch.

Like all other Apple devices, the iWatch is sure to sport stylish looks as well. ‘Apple can merge fashion with function,’ said Marshal Cohen, an analyst at NPD Group. ‘An Apple watch could triple the size of the watch business in a year or two. They have the opportunity to get everyone that owns a cell phone to go out and buy another watch.’

From mobile devices to smart fashion accessories? Why not?

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