Posted by:Ranjani Rao June 8th, 2016

Physicians routinely ask patients to maintain a diary of their symptoms, to track the course of the condition, the efficacy of the treatment and the wellbeing of the patients…

CareKit is a software development framework from Apple to build mobile apps that allow a user to keep track of their condition – a diary, in other words.

Hospitals can build CareKit apps and have their physicians distribute it to their patients. The data from these apps can be shared with the hospitals and providers in a seamless manner allowing for better decision making and patient care.

CareKit and mobile apps provide big benefits to patients too. Tracking their symptoms, activities and other parameters becomes more seamless because a lot of this information can automatically feed into the app through sources like HealthKit, medical devices, fitness monitors etc. For example – in the case of a patient asked to keep track of their blood glucose level, the CareKit app can automatically get this information from the blood glucose meter device or from Apple’s HealthKit.

CareKit apps also help by making patients more aware of their health condition and providing them with information that will empower them to make informed decisions related to their health.

Here is an app built on Apple ResearchKit platform.Click on the image to watch the demo.

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