Posted by:Monica Samuel April 4th, 2013

Apache TomEE (Tommy) is like a pain reliever for enterprise application developers who have racked their brains against monolithic application servers like WebSphere or WebLogic and even plain Java EE. Not only is TomEE lightweight, stable and high performing, it is easy to set up, configure and integrate with myriad application components. David Blevins, founder of TomEE is the one who founded OpenEJB at a time when the programming world was hotly debating for and against Java EE. TomEE can be called an outgrowth of OpenEJB. It includes parts from various pervious projects undertaken by Blevins as well as his existing open source projects. TomEE includes (in its latest version 1.5.1):

  • Apache Tomcat 7.0.34 (that supports JSPs, Servlets, and JSTL)
  • MyFaces 2.1.10 (JSF)
  • OpenWebBeans (CDI)
  • OpenJPA (JPA)
  • OpenEJB (EJB)
  • BeanVal
  • TransactionManager (JTA)
  • Java EE6 certification
With version 1.5, we also have TomEE JAX-RS that adds Apache CXF to provide support for JAXRS and is fully Java EE 6 certified.

Then there’s TomEE Plus (not Java EE 6 certified) that additionally includes Apache ActiveMQ 5.7.0 and Apache CXF 2.6.3 and supports JAXWS, JMS, and the Java Connector Architecture (using the Apache Geronimo Connector).

Why TomEE over other application servers?

TomEE takes away the complexity of implementing application servers. It is a complete application deployment platform with out of the box functionality for web services, Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), etc. It is an enterprise-ready lightweight application server that directly supports many Java elements, Tomcat-aware and Tomcat-tested tools, EJBs, integration of Servlets with JPA and Transactions, and enables access to Tomcat-provided resource files.

Assume you want to use third party libraries in your application. You will first need to integrate them with Tomcat which will assuredly increase memory consumption and drag performance. In TomEE, all the libraries are better integrated so there is minimal or no impact on performance. JAX-WS security too has been integrated onto Tomcat Realms for simple out of the box implementation.

Jelastic has gone one step further and integrated TomEE with its cloud PaaS. ‘Jelastic’s support of Tomcat has always been top-notch, and their support of TomEE shows real vision,’ says Blevins. ‘… Jelastic has put a significant amount of time into offering TomEE users the best experience possible. It’s very tightly integrated with the functionality of all the other layers of their stack including load-balancing, replication, persistence to SQL or NoSQL databases and more. Jelastic’s integration of TomEE is the best I’ve seen.’

TomEE is growing popular with all enterprise application developers, not only in the Java realm. It is supported by JetBrains’ IntelliJ IDEA 12, ZeroTurnaround’s JRebel version 5.0.1, Netbeans … the list is sure to keep growing.

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