Posted by:Nithin Rao April 22nd, 2015

Android Wear is an edition of Google’s popular Android operating system and is designed exclusively for smartwatches and wearables. With Apple Watch gaining favorable reviews, Google has been working hard to make sure it keeps pace with it. Till such time that Google can pull off support for the iPhone, here’s what current Wear device users can look forward to!

Wi-Fi Support:

With this update, Android Wear offers WiFi support. So, with the watch connected to a WIFI network, users can have seamless access to notifications, messages, alerts and of course, their apps. So, even if you forget your phone, but have your watch on you, you are in luck !

Always-on Apps:

Most Android Wear watches had an ‘always on’ screen, so users did not have to tap or shake the screen to view time. The new version of Wear extends this to apps and allows them to be visible on the screen. So, instead of having to open the apps all over again, the users can quickly get to what she is looking for. And the screen is in full color mode only when its active – a battery save.

Hand-drawn emojis, anyone?

Users will now be able to quickly draw an emoji on the screen. Wear will recognize them and turn them to emojis to be sent. Other time-saving measures include using a quick flick of the wrist to scroll through the stream of notifications and news. A quick touch of the screen will bring apps to life.


These updates will be available in all the seven Android Wear watches over the next few weeks. Leading the pack will be LG’s Watch Urbane. They also bring more functionality to current users and will work towards swaying more people, away from Apple Watch.

What do you think of the competition in the wearables space? I would love to hear your thoughts.

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