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Outbid in an eBay auction? Well, not anymore !

According to a report by AppleInsider, eBay is developing an app for the soon-to-be released Apple Watch. This app could help users keep track of their auction status and bids, with just a tap right on their wrists.

Designed to complement and work in tandem with their iPhone and iPad apps, this app could be one of the first apps in the market for Apple’s newest offereing.

As per a job listing on LinkedIn, that was highlighted by AppleInsider, the eBay New Technology Group is looking for skilled iOS engineers to design and implement elegant solutions for the Apple Watch. Also on the horizon are developing solutions for CarPlay, Apple TV, and more within the Apple ecosystem.

With CEO Tim Cook’s announcement that the Apple Watch’s production is on schedule and the first of the Watches could ship in April 2015, there is a hightened excitement in the air. Along with perennial favorites like Facebook and Twitter, a host of other companies are in line to release apps for the Watch.

In addition to apps like Siri, what will really catch the consumer’s fancy are the cooler third party apps. By making use of Apple’s Watchkit SDK, ( more details here) third party app developers can try to leverage the innovative features of the Watch like the digital crown.

Some famous names include the BMW iapp that lets you find the car and know the charge level, the American Airlines app to check in and collect bags and Starwood Hotel’s uber convinient app that lets you check in and unlock you hotel room door by merely waving the watch. Another interesting one is from Honeywell that marries the smart home concept with convenience through an app that lets you control the temperature in your house through the Apple Watch. And for a quick look  at the score, MLB has you covered.

While third party apps will play a big role in the adoption and success of the Apple Watch, they continue to face challenges. For starters, the size of the screen they need to design for. The interface has to even pared down and interactions fewer. Coupled with limited functionality, ensuring the kind of user experience that Apple loyalists have taken for granted, will be a tough call.

I am eager to see what other apps walk down the Apple Watch aisle. What are your thoughts?

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