Posted by:Leesa John January 3rd, 2014

Ok – what’s the count so far in 2013? Do we even have a count? Let’s see – the hugely promoted Android KitKat is soon to make an entry, and there’s Windows 8, and iOS 7 among the big players. Let’s not forget the smaller minions – Tizen, Ubuntu, Firefox OS and BlackBerry. How on earth are businesses, developers and the market expected to cope?Let’s Take A Look At The Major Ones

Windows 8

  • Requires full rewrite in Windows 8/WinRT – not so good for mobility firms
  • Asynchronous model – awfully frustrating -try downloading a file and you’ll see
  • No direct access to data outside of the OS – hair loss, anyone?
  • The new Touch UI – another horror story. Even Microsoft agrees
  • Microsoft’s app store rules – Berlin wall
  • No tablet hardware – honestly?


  • Developers cannot just recompile old 32-bit apps to fit iOS7 64-bit OS
  • Too many overlays and transparencies
  • Complicated mobile app development process and timelines
  • User interface shock value – another learning curve for users
  • ios_versions
he Android Story
  • Version 1.0 out in 2008; Cupcake, Donut and Éclair also out within the year. What’s the hurry, Google?
  • Two version updates within a year seems the Android standard
  • Mobile app development for Jelly Bean put on hold, awaiting KitKat’s release

KitKat’s going to take some getting used to, and here’s keeping fingers crossed that Google doesn’t release another OS version in 2013. It’s not all gloom and doom, though. Google’s ‘Google Experience’ will certainly make it easier for older Android versions to use Google Play. And iOS7 does bring smarter multi-tasking, better voice control and more user-friendliness.

The new BYOD trend is motiving firms to build their own inhouse apps. Now, with multiple OS in the market, each updating several times a year, how feasible is it to devote resources to developing apps inhouse? What’s your take on all of this?

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