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iOS 12+ for Enterprise Apps, Enhanced Work Productivity and Business Convenience

Taking Interoperability in Healthcare a step further with Blue Button 2.0

Engagement Models in the Software Industry: Choose the Fit that’s right for you

The Product Engineering Life Cycle and Associated Services

3 Pre-requisites to arriving at an elegant Software Solution Design

The Benefits of Managed Testing (or Managed QA) Services

Apple ResearchKit 2.0 – Here’s What To Look Out For

Software Solution Design: An Overview

IT Outsourcing and Why You Should Seriously Consider It

Designing Point-of-Care Reference apps to ensure a high app utility quotient

5 Ways in which IT Outsourcing can help you go to market faster

Preventive Healthcare: A Patient Centric, Value-based Approach

Offshore Testing Services (Quality-as-a-Service)

Offshore Development Services

iOS 11.3: Here’s What To Look Out For

Patients Consider Health Record Interoperablity Very Important For Quality Health Care

5 ways Health Studies can benefit by using Apple ResearchKit

Past Clients Are Saying Great Things!

Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

Digital Healthcare Technology Trends to Watch Out For In 2017

Baby Boomers vs Millennials in mHealth

The AppConnect Partner Program in Action

The Greatest Medical Device Ever Made

Patient-Centric Clinical Research: Panel Discussion at Medidata Symposium 2016


Creating a Consent Document for ResearchKit apps: A Quick Tutorial

IBM Watson In Healthcare: What You Should Know?

IBM Watson – Healthcare’s Powerful Ally

Medical Research And Participant Education On The Go

Apple ResearchKit, Medical Research and Pharma Research Studies

Verily Life Sciences, Sanofi and Diabetes Management

Doctors Moving To Mobile Patient Engagement

The Rise Of Apple In Healthcare: What You Should Know

Smartphone Enabled Porta Potty

Internet Of Very Important Things – PREDIX

Wearables : Scoring Huge Wins At Rio Olympics 2016

Declining Apple Device Sales Drives A New Reality Show!

James Bond, Q, Wearables and Now, Ingestibles (License to Pill!)

The 3-Legged Stool and A Complex Project: An Analogy

Precision Medicine And Mobile Apps – What’s The Connection ?

The Patient Engagement in an IoT Pokémon Go World

How to Make a Case for Mobile Apps in Medical Research Studies

The Positive Impact of mHealth on Anticoagulation Therapy -Part II

The Hassle of Anticoagulation Management and The Positive Impact of mHealth-Part 1

It’s Elementary, Says (IBM) Watson!

Apple ResearchKit’s Maiden Venture With A Pharma Company !

Glucose Advisors Diabetes IoT App

Apple ResearchKit And Its Impact So Far

The mHealth Roadmap To Success-Infographic Inside!

Participant Recruitment Ideas For Your Mobile-App Based Study

5 Key Trends In Digital Health

IOT In Healthcare:What’s In Store ?

The ‘Art’ In ‘Smart’ Devices!

Best Fireworks Photos Ever! …5 Tips On Phone Settings

IoT And Mobile Apps

IoT And Mobility: Have You Found Your Sweet Spot Yet?

9 Interesting Stats On Telehealth

Shyam’s Tech Connect – Enterprise Mobility

WWDC – Siri In The Spotlight And Other iOS10 Highlights

Father’s Day… There’s An App For That

Building a ‘Human’ App: The Finer Nuances of UX

Apple CareKit and What It Means for Hospitals, Physicians and Patients

What Is Brewing In Enterprise Mobility (Part-2)

Digital Biomarkers and Digital Health Data – What’s in store ?

Interoperability in IoT and Mobile

Does Your iOS App Carry Encryption? Be Informed On The Next Steps…..

Google I/0 2016: Key Takeaways

What Your Enterprise Mobile App Does Not Need

Facebook Messenger Bots and What It Means to Mobile Apps

What Is Brewing In Enterprise Mobility ?

I Have an App Idea! …Just Because You Can Doesn’t Mean You Should

6 Key Factors That Can Make Your mHealth App Successful

Google Cardboard and Future of Virtual Reality

How ‘Habits’ Can Become a Buzzword In The Union Of IoT and Mobility

Enterprise Mobility – Mature At Last?

Securing Your Things On the Internet = IoT Security

Handling images in mobile apps: Pick the most suitable options

Android N : Delivering More Sweet News !

Is Enterprise Mobility Management Crucial?

Grandma and the IoT Sock

3 Reasons To Sit Up and Take Notice of Apple’s CareKit

mHealth Success Stories: Lessons to Learn

mHealth Apps and HIPAA : New Guidance Sheds More Light

IoT 101 – Explained So Even Grandma Can Understand

ResearchKit and CareKit – Apple’s Vision For Health Apps

Test Cases: The Lifeline Of Your QA Process

Medical Research – Mobile Apps for Research Participants

Introducing iOS 10 and The Expected Features

Monkey Mind Controls A Wheelchair, An Internet of Things solution

The Did-You-Know Series: Apps and Promotional Offers

How are IBM and Apple helping you sleep better?

Digital Technology Trends And Predictions For 2016-Part 2

IoT-m “The Internet of Things for Medical”

11 Insights That You Can Gain From Mobile App Analytics

3 Simple Ways Mobile Apps Can Improve Patient Experience

11 Interesting Statistics About mHealth Adoption

A Physician’s Wish List For A Mobile App

Digital Technology Trends And Predictions For 2016

Mobile App User Experience Vs. Usability

Mobile App Success – Ask The User

mHealth for beginners : Apps with which you can start your mHealth journey

Physicians, Here Are 5 Reasons To Say ‘Yes’ To Mobile Apps

IoT SMB: The “Second Mover Benefit” for Small Business

mHealth And Meaningful Patient Engagement -Part 2

5 Silly Mistakes To Avoid From Your UI Designers

The Scope Tightrope

Top CIO Priorities For 2016

5 Ways to Reuse Assets and Reduce Cost When Building Enterprise Mobile Apps

mHealth and Meaningful Patient Engagement

ResearchStack: The ResearchKit for Android

CES 2016 Day 1 : The Dawn Of A Cognitive Era

New & Innovative ResearchKit Apps

Enterprise Mobility – Topping IT Investments In 2016

Did You Know There Are 5 Types Of Mobile App Tests?

3 Ways to improve Enterprise Mobile Apps User Experience

5 Ways Mobile Apps Can Increase Patient Recruitment and Retention

Few Quick Thoughts on Mobile App Integration

Don’t reinvent the wheel, invent its applications!

3 Critical Questions To Ask Before Choosing Your App Development Partner

3 Questions To Ask Before Choosing A Native App Over A Hybrid App

The Ultimate List of Enterprise Mobility Statistics

Boost Patient Recruitment For Research Studies The Mobile Way – Infographic Inside!

Move Over, Wearables. Here Come The Ingestibles

How Mobility Is Shaping The New India

The next big thing in UX!

Android Marshmallow – 5 Sweet Features Worth The Wait

How Smartphone Features And Sensors Help Clinical Research

Productivity Simplified

IBM Watson Health and Apple ResearchKit: A Healthy Partnership

The Secret Angels of ResearchKit

Medical Research And The Thorny Informed Consent Process

The Hype Surrounding Apple Pencil

iPad Pro – Talking to the Enterprise

Introducing Mobile Cloud Apps

Mobile Application Performance Monitoring (MAPM)

How Stanford got 10000 participants for their research study in 24 hours

Hospitality – getting Uberized?

Mobile App Development Platforms – Lots of Talk, But Where is the Action?

Wearables in the Enterprise: Mission (Im)possible? Infographic Inside!

The Unusual Project Manager

52 Things About ResearchKit That Every Medical Researcher Should Know

Why Use A Mobile Application Lifecycle Management Process

Who made the list? Gartner’s 2015 Magic Quadrant For Enterprise Mobility Management

5 Things App Developers Must Keep In Mind With Social Plugins

B2B Catalog Sales Apps: Build or Buy?

Issues and Concerns in Apple ResearchKit

Mobility – Strategy First and Execute? Or The Other Way Round?

SWIFT 2.0 is the Most Loved Object Oriented Language

Active Tasks – The third module in Apple ResearchKit

A Sales Manager’s Forecasting Nightmare – 5 Challenges faced by Sales Leaders

Informed Consent-The Second Module In Apple ResearchKit

Apple ResearchKit – Will It Change Medical Research As We Know It?(Part-2)

Legacy Applications – Advance to Mobile.Pass Web

Enterprise Mobility: User Adoption Is Key To Success

5 Reasons Why You Need To Re-Assess Your Mobile Strategy – NOW

Apple ResearchKit – will it change Medical Research as we know it?

How About A Smart Glass That Reads Emotions?

How many meters away from the coffee machine? (Indoor Positioning System)

Enterprise Mobility, 2015 and beyond

Android Wear – What’s New ?

Where MEAPs Really Win

Enterprise Mobility – Decisions, Decisions

Mobile App Analytics for Better User Retention and User Engagement

Here comes the second wave of IBM-Apple enterprise apps

Mainframe In My Pocket

Webinar Review ~ Enterprise App UX: 7 Keys To Getting It Right

Mobility Fatigue – Truth or Fiction?

Big Data And Better Business Decisions

Starbucks App Now Supports Apple Pay?

7 Keys To Get Your Enterprise App UX Right

A Phone With Terabyte Storage?

SAP HANA In A New Avatar!

Mobile Enterprise Application Platform (MEAP) or Not?

And here come the Apple Watch Apps !

Cloud Deployment

5 Must Know Features Of Windows 10

What is happening in the clouds?

Must Knows of Wearables in Healthcare (Infographic inside)

The fight for your wrist – Top Wearables from CES 2015

Intel Curie is outside!

Workplace Wearables

Enterprise Mobility Challenges

Wearables and Enterprise IT – CIO’s Thought

Samsung’s Milk Video for Android Aficionados

Part 2: Wearables in Healthcare – Integration and Data Exposure Anxieties

Wearables In Healthcare – Part 1

Twitter Fabric – Old Wine In New Bottle?

After KitKat, it’s Lollipop!

The Next Big Wave From Wave

What’s with iOS8 widgets?

Ello, Anyone?

The SalesForce Wear Initiative – What’s New?

The New York Fashion Week: Technology Walks The Ramp

Importance of Aligning Mobility Strategy to Business Goals

Big Data Is The New Java

Your Smart Home Beckons – Are You Ready?

Apple Pay makes mobile payments a reality

Apple Watch – Here’s What Is In Store For Your Wrist!

How Innovation Happens at IDEO

Welcome, Hyperlapse… Videos Never Looked This Good!

7 Crucial Components of a Successful Enterprise Mobile Strategy

What makes SWIFT an instant hit?

9 Tips To Make Your Mobile App Form Smarter!

And The ‘App Of The Week’ Is …..

Convention Over Configuration

6 Bad Habits Of A Project Manager

List of third party tools that every app developer should know

Sentiment Analysis: Is Your Business Feeling The Love?

Apple-IBM: If You Can’t Beat Them, Partner With Them!

Monitoring- The Most Abused Requirement


Insights into the FDA regulation of mobile medical apps

Handling Submissions and Validations in Mobile App Forms

People Utilization: 3 most probable misses in a project

Mobile Strategy – To or Not To?

Omni-Channel Retailing: What Mobility Brings To The Table

Top 5 Reasons Why Mid Market Companies Should Get “Mobile” Now!!

App Wrapping – Between the draconian MDM and the vulnerable BYOD

Does HealthKit put a shine on Apple?

The Evolution (and possible end) of Batch Processing Architecture

A beacon for mobile app users – Yes? No? Maybe

On Your Mark, Get Set, Yo! (Pun Intended)

Forget MDM and MAM. Let’s talk EMM (Enterprise Mobility Management) !

Is ‘Mobile BI’ finally reaching the promise-land?

Ideas For ‘Space Management’ In Mobile App Forms

Mobility matures with MU stage 3

The Anatomy of Reporting

Being the master of space in your mobile app form!

5 ways to rescue your project from poor performers

mHealth frameworks – What if they gave a party and no one showed up? Just Fast-Tracked the Growth of Wearables

5 Lessons I Learned the Hard Way to Running a Successful Mobile Project

Thinking Beyond Mobile Catalogs

Building that ‘not more than a few minutes’ form in your mobile app

5 Time Tracking Tips For Your Projects

Meeting MU Stage II compliance using mobility

The State of Cloud Computing vis-à-vis End User Companies

Apple joins the 21st century healthcare gold rush

Open Sesame: The Wondrous World Of “Internet of Things”

Too Many Cooks Spoil The App

Days of glory ahead for wearable tech!

4 Features Your Mobile App Form May Be Better Off With!

The real meaning of “Meaningful Use of HIT”r

5 Simple To-Do’s For Running An Effective Project Meeting

11 Eclipse keyboard shortcuts every productive Java developer must know

Why The Mobile App Failed To Impress A Patriots Fan!

The Real Lure Of Snapchat Over Whatsapp

Monkey test your mobile apps for these scenarios!

Touch Gestures – Are Your Mobile Forms Using Them Well Enough ?

Making “Meaningful Use” of mHealth

5 Factors To Consider Before You Test Your Mobile App

Analytics Technology Is At Crossroads

Is the healthcare industry going to mess up with IT all over again? This time with mHealth?

Mobile App Maintenance – A Luxury Or A Necessity?

Monkey Testing Part 1: Should you monkey test your mobile apps?

Building forms in mobile apps – Part 6

5 Reasons Why Flipboard Is A Swiping Success

Building Forms In Mobile Apps – Part 5

Hospital mobile apps – No longer a novelty in healthcare

A 4 Step Guide To Handle Device/OS Upgrades During Mobile App Development

Building Forms In Mobile Apps – Part 4

Agile and UX – Is there a generation gap or are they pals?

Retailers, Torn Between Native Apps And Responsive Websites? [Infographic Inside]

Will mHealth and crowdsourcing commoditize health care treatments?

Will Your Medical Device Sales App Pass These 3 Tests?

Decentralization of treatment decisions and the rise of patient engagement! [INFOGRAPHIC Inside]

Investor satisfaction is directly proportional to Advisor communication

3 Lessons Every Retailer Has To Learn From Starbucks’s Mobile Success Story

Why should you outsource your mobile app development?

A Fender Bender with a Lesson

Mobile App Development in Enterprises – Opportunities and Challenges

mHealth: Healthcare’s Magic Pill

Should Your App Be Native, Hybrid or a Mobile Web App? Use this calculator to find the answer

mHealth: Transforming Healthcare Through Digital Patient Engagement

mHIMSS Roadmap: mHealth a key focus in HIMSS 2014

7 Simple Tips To Create a Project Plan For Your Mobile Project

Healthbook – An iOS App a Day Keeps The Doctor Away

Building forms in mobile apps – Part 3

What to look for in your mobile app development partner?

Millennial Watching!

Native vs Hybrid vs Mobile Web Apps – First Among Equals?

3 ways mobility can help in patient education

Custom Mobile Apps: A 5 Step Gameplan for Schools and Universities

Agility through Mobility delivers Patient Satisfaction

Building Forms In Mobile Apps – Part 2

mHealth apps – standards needed?

6 Common Challenges Faced By Mobile Project Managers

Enterprise Mobile Integration – What it means to B2B, B2C and Technology Vendors

Social Media Ranking – Making or Breaking Businesses!

9 rules for successful Enterprise Mobile Integration

3 Powerful Ways Colleges Are Using The iPad – Infographic Inside

Is There an App for That? Mobile Technology and the Future of Medical Sales

The SharePoint and iOS Integration ‘Meet and Greet’

Building Forms In Mobile Apps – Part 1

How API Management Platforms Support Mobile Apps

Using Mobile Demos And Simulators To Sell Medical Devices

6 Simple Steps To Take Before You Kickoff Mobile Projects

Mobile Device Management – Nightmarish, But Doable?

Mobility For Business and Now Mobility IS THE Business!

Understanding the nuances of “mHealth”

Making the Jump from Client Server to Mobile Apps With Backend Integration

Geofencing – a USP or a drag for your mobile app

Challenges and Potential In Requirement Gathering for Mobile Apps

What you need to know about FDA regulations for mobile apps

The Future of Advisor-Client Interaction

5 Questions Medical Device Sales Reps Should Not Ask Surgeons

Advisors: Don’t lose focus on your Goldmines

Top 10 Custom Mobile Apps for Financial Advisors in 2014

The CIO’s New Avatar

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On Mobile App Testing

3 Benefits Every Medical Device Sales App Must Deliver

How To Measure Mobile App Initiative ROI?

Flat Design – Here to Stay and Why We Love It

Key mobile web app trends you can’t ignore!

3 questions to ask before developing a Hybrid Mobile App

What makes mBaaS solutions a darling to enterprises?

A quick checklist to decide on Native Mobile Apps

3 Costly Mistakes To Avoid While Choosing A Mobile App Vendor

A 5 step guide to running a successful mobile project

Enterprise Mobile Apps and Backend Systems!

Wearable Technology : Is the hype justified?

MBaaS – Why should you care?

What is on every CIOs agenda in 2014?

Mobile Strategy : A reality check for 2014

3 simple Mobile App predictions for 2014

Think again before writing off Mobile Web Apps!

Custom Mobile Apps & Customer Satisfaction: Bulls Eye or Miss ?

Top Mobile Enterprise Application Platforms (MEAP) for Web & Hybrid Mobile Apps

Resolution Independence Easier for iPhone App Developers with iOS 7

5 Reasons Why Mobile App UX Design is like Housekeeping !

What are Hybrid Mobile Apps?

Must know basics of Mobile Device and Data Security

One Simple Rule for Mobile App UX design

Application Integration In Enterprises – What Gives?

All These Mobile OS Version Changes – Honestly, How Do We Cope?

All Right, One Last Time – UI is NOT UX!

Big Data and the Mobile – Are enterprises listening?

Mobile App Development Vendors – Whom To Choose?

How do YOU Ensure Mobile App ROI?

The Impact Of HTML5 On Mobile Development

5 Best Practices In Mobile App Design

Must-Read Best Practices For Developing Custom Mobile Apps

How Mobile Dashboards Help With Decision Making

BYOD – To Allow Or Not Allow – That Is The Question

BYOD – What Type Of Creature Is That?

5 Best Practices for Cross Platform App Development

Is Your Legacy Application Holding You Back?

Mobile App Security… Oh dear God!

Is Custom Application Development Always Better?

Mobile App Functions CXOs Love on iPad

Why Do We Need Enterprise Mobile App Stores?

Why Native Mobile Apps Won’t Die … Ever

Why are CIOs looking at MAM versus traditional MDM?

Off with Traditional Point of Sale systems. On with mobile POS!

Voice Recognition’s Potential for Mobile Enterprise Workers

What Makes Temple Run Such A Huge Hit?

Sencha – The Rising Star Among Mobile App Development Tools

The Impact Of HTML5 On Mobile App Development

10 Steps to Launching an App on Google Play

Love It or Hate It: iOS 7 is Here

10 Mistakes Enterprises Make with Mobile Apps

Phone Gap – The coolest mobile app development framework

Mobile App Testing Is No Ball Game!

Mobile App User Experience Testing – What’s the fuss all about?

Your Water Cooler Conversations Just Got A Mobile Makeover!

The one mistake that Brands should avoid!

The top 5 mobile app development challenges faced by businesses

This is why you shouldn’t curb enterprise mobility

5 things I wish the FedEx mobile app did!

Mobile Apps – A Gamechanger for Enterprises

So you want a mobile app? And you want it yesterday!

The First Chapter Of All Things UX

The 7 Cardinal Sins in App Design

BYOD – 3 reasons why CFOs need to lead the charge!

How to convert your Field Staff into Strategic Warriors?

What is your mobility gameplan?

Cross-device Search a Plus for Mobile Workers

A Practical Take on Enterprise Mobility

Making Sense of Big Data with Graph Analysis

Oracle Java ME 3.3 Will Simplify Development of Micro-controlled Embedded Devices

Mobile Healthcare Hotline Management for Quality, Safety & Compliance

Financial Advisors Engage Customers with Mobility

Enhance Sales & Marketing Productivity with Mobile Solutions

Enrich Client Advisor Interactions with Mobility & Scenario Planning

Differentiating Mobile Solutions from Mobile Apps

Overcoming Wealth Management Challenges with Customer Focus

MU2 Objectives Unachievable Without Interoperability

Enterprise Mobility Empowers Financial Advisors

Quality Healthcare is a Click Away – Patient Portals

Enterprise Mobility Enables Hospital Capacity Management for Savings & Utilization

Point of Care Mobility Solutions for Patient Safety & Quality Healthcare

Enhance Patient Safety, Increase Lab Profitability with Enterprise Mobility

FDA Draft Guidelines for Healthcare Software Solutions

Healthcare CIOs: Manage Electronic Health Records (EHR) with Mobile Solutions

Enterprise Mobility Needs a Mobile First Strategy

Scala Progresses as a Production Language for Business Critical Applications

Customer Service Comes Full Circle

Add SMS & Voice to Google App Engine: Enterprise Application Developers

Gear Up for 3D Gestures on Smartphones, Computers, TV & More

Apache TomEE Adds Zing to Enterprise Application Development

Mobile Browser Usage Goes Up – Growing Opportunity for Web Application Development

Mobile Applications in Healthcare Need Physician & Hospital Support

Enterprise Application Developers Must Learn Cloud & Big Data Skills

Software Testing: From Quantitative Results to Qualitative Reporting

BlackBerry Z10 – Good enough to Beat Windows Phone 8

Apple iWatch: A New Opportunity for Mobile Application Development

Mobile Applications & Devices Add Value to Healthcare Practitioners

New Mobile OS Coming? Mobile Application Developers Must Keep a Watch

Mac Creeps Up on the Windows Dominated Enterprise Workspace

Focus on Customer Experience for Long-term Growth: Bolster with Technology Solutions

Now Build Native iPad & iPhone Applications with Visual Studio in C#

Microsoft Surface Windows 8 Pro – Winner or Loser? Too early to say.

Social Mobile Spurs Creativity and Business Growth

Chromebooks Rise in Popularity. Should Microsoft be worried?

Android, iPhone, iPad & BlackBerry Create Positive Waves in BYOD Workforce

The Good of Windows Surface Pro Will Beat Windows RT in Enterprise

Mobile BI Could Disrupt Traditional BI Approaches in 2013

A Sure-fire Approach to Successful Mobile Applications – User Focus

Cloud Based SaaS Solutions Will Shine in 2013

Android Marches Alongside iOS With Some Help

Cloud Security Most Disruptive in 2013: The Security for Business Innovation Council

iPad Boosts Development of Productivity Enhancing Mobile Apps

Changing Technology Trends: Gearing Up for 2013

Enterprise App Stores Get a Boost with Google Play Private Channels

Windows 8 & Windows RT Devices Enterprise Application Developers Need to Target

Red Hat’s Open Source PaaS OpenShift for Enterprise Applications in the Cloud

iPhone Gets Enterprise Votes as a Corporate Smartphone

Green IT – Challenges, Responsibilities & Success Stories

Google Boosts Android Security with New App Scanner in Jelly Bean

Mobile Device (MDM) and Mobile Application Security Solutions (MAM) for Enterprises

Android Jumps Ahead of iPhone in Q3 but Q4 is the Final Showdown

Google’s Chromebook Impresses

iPad Mini Up to Grab the Small-size Tablet Market

Microsoft Surface Tablets Arrive Ahead of Windows 8

Mobile BI is a Must for Growing Businesses

Cloud-based Marketplaces for Cloud-based Software Applications

Web-based, Native or Hybrid Mobile Application – What’s the Best Approach?

Big Data Analysis Is a Big Deal

Beat BYOD Security Risks with System Security Configuration Manager 2012

Best Open Source Cloud Service Management Tools

New iOS 6 Features iPhone and iPad Application Developers Need To Know

Chrome OS & Browser Developments – Slow and Steady Wins?

Make Way for Windows Application Developers: Ready for Windows Phone 8 SDK Launch

CAMP (Cloud Application Management for Platforms)

No Cloud till Java EE 8 for Enterprise Java Development?

The Rise of Graph Databases in Enterprise Application Development

Challenges in Revamping Healthcare Systems

Windows 7 or Windows 8: No Loser for Microsoft

Can iPad Replace PCs Yet?

Building Social Enterprise Applications

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 – A Worthy Mobile Application Developer’s Platform

Significance of Secure File Management to Mobile Security & BYOD

Application Developers’ Bonanza in SharePoint 2013 and Office 2013

Enterprise Mobile Apps & Mobile Strategy

IT Consumerization for A Competitive Edge

Enterprise Mobile Application Developers Should Gear Up for Windows RT

New Features Fortify Mac OS X Mountain Lion

Strong Position of iOS in Enterprise Contributes to Its Popularity among Developers

Firefox OS Mobile Phones – Another Mobile Player?

Microsoft Office 2013 Preview: Touchscreen, Cloud and Mobile the Clear Focus

JavaFX and Java on iOS: Oracle to Reaffirm Faith at JavaOne 2012

Microsoft Surface Competes with iPad and Android Tablets

Google Becomes Tablet Manufacturer with Nexus 7

Enabling Your Mobile Workforce with Enterprise Mobile Apps

Balancing Mobile Security with Usability

Following BYOD, It’s Enterprise App Stores for Mobile App Development

Long-term ROI of Cloud-based Enterprise Applications: Forrester Reports

Eclipse Developers Show Rising Preference for Mobile App Development

Android 4.0 Gets 30%-100% Performance Boost with Linaro Tweaks

Android App Developers ‘ Interest High Along with App & Device Sales

iOS 6 Brings Mixed Emotions to Apple Customers; Beta Preview Out for Developers

Oracle Cloud is Out: SaaS, PaaS, Social, and Cloud Services

Mobile App Testing Critical to Enterprises

Good News for Android App Developers – The Google versus Oracle War Tips Android’s Way

Cloud Computing and IT Outsourcing Improve Profitability

Gamification Drives Application Adoption and User Engagement

Yahoo’s Mojito Goes Open Source -–- Build Client and Server Components in JavaScript

Apple Finally Pushes the Java Monkey on Oracle’s Back

Effective Business Analytics via Custom App Development

Oracle Backs JavaFX But Will It Work?

Linux 3.3 Merges Android – Makes Android App Developers Happy

The Oracle Google War Flares Up – Will it Burn Android?

Ice Cream Sandwich Not a Fragmentation Fixer After All

Joomla 2.5 Launches the CMS to Enterprise Space

Big Changes in Enterprise Computing (Snippets from CEO Interviews)

Power your Mobile Strategy with Mobile Cloud Computing

It’s all about the Cloud. But can Enterprises Take It?

Apple Strikes Gold with iPad 3, Yet Again

Java PaaS – What to Expect in 2012?

Crowdsourcing Makes People Rich and Chrome Bug-free

No Project Risk Management is a Recipe for Disaster

Spring Hadoop for Efficient Enterprise Java Application Development

Managing Big Data with Amazon DynamoDB – Are Internet Businesses Game?

Server-side JavaScript: The Rise of Node.js

Mobile App Developers Get on Board Near Field Communication (NFC) Technology

The iOSization of Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion

The potential of HTML5

What does Graal Mean for Java?

Market Trends Driving Software Testing in 2012

IT Consumerization Is Driven by Changing Corporate Trends

Cloud Testing for Quality Assurance

Why Do we Need Custom Application Development in Java and .NET?

SQL Server 2012, Immersive BI for Mobile – Microsoft’s Roadmap for 2012

IT as a Service (ITaaS) – What is it about?

Takeaways from JavaOne 2011 – The Oracle Shroud Lifts

Top 10 Emerging Technologies for Enterprises in 2011

Mobile Device Management (MDM) – Is it Enough?

Windows 8 and the Future of .NET

Preparing Enterprises for Big Data on iPad and iPhone

Linux Losing Its Charm for Developers? Mac OS X and Windows Gain.

Some of the Best Web Apps of 2011

Mobile App Security: The Risks and What Users Should Know

Cloud Based Apps Could Revolutionize Mobile App Development

Is Hadoop the Future of Enterprise Data Warehousing?

The Future of Digital Publishing in the Mobile Space

Tablets Are a Big Market for Media Companies

Mobile Apps Migration – The Challenges

Why Developers and Manufacturers Love Android

Android Leads the SmartPhone Market, Still Struggles with Tablets

Rising Demand of Java and C# Skills in Finance and Commerce in 2011

Windows Server 8 Is About Ease, Usability, and Security

Windows Phone Mango – Microsoft’s Deliverance?

Why is Delphi on the Outer Edge of Programming Languages?

Preparing Your Enterprise for the Cloud

Oracle’s Lawsuit against Google Questions Open-Source Tenets

HTML 5 Creeping Up on iPhone Native Apps

Delphi’s Relevance in Current Markets

Delphi or Java?

Increasing Productivity with Workflows in SharePoint

Can Amazon’s tablets shake iPad’s position in the market?

Java 8 – Cloud Coffee?

Cloud-based collaboration solutions with SharePoint

Are tablets replacing PCs?

Java and Cloud Computing

.NET in Business Intelligence

Why corporations love the iPhone?

Top Programming Languages for 2011 – Java, C#, Objective-C

.NET and the Enterprise Space

iOS 5 Brings New Features for Users and Developers

Scala for Enterprise Applications

Smartphone: One gadget to rule them all

Mobile monetization: Web vs. Native

Location based services: Your phone always knew where you were

Android ROMs

Blackberry Playbook: initial review

App Stores: It’s a conundrum!

Open Source Apps

Are you location aware?

Mobile Games: Gyroscope & Accelerometer

Mobile OS: Fragmentation is thy name

SharePoint: Talk of the town!

Tablet Wars!

Enterprise Mashups and The Single Business View

FLEX it!

Mobile + Social + Local. Are you ready?

Application Overload?

The Value Proposition for Enterprise Mashups in the Public Sector

Using numbers to tell stories

Facilitating USA Health Care Reform – IT Initiatives

Reap what you ‘SOA’

Software Product to Service Transformation

Mashups 101

The need for Enterprise Mashups

Is your legacy holding you back?

CapITalize !

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