Posted by:Richard Smith October 20th, 2014

Yes, Lollipop is the name of Android 5.0 a.k.a Android L. In Google’s words,  “Lollipop is designed to meet the diverse needs of the billion-plus people who already use Android today.”

With 5000 APIs, many new features  and extensions to a lot of existing features already announced, Lollipop is all set to shake up the smartphone scene.

Here are a couple of features worth knowing about Lollipop.

The primary change that will grab anyone’s attention is the Material Design. It is a new UI concept that will embrace cleaner design, fluidic animations and bolder colors. This move at the UI front is a part of Google’s effort in offering a unifying experience across all Android devices.

While Apple opened up its notification center for third party widgets in iOS8, Google has taken a step further by introducing floating notifications on top of any activity screen. Essentially, with this feature the user will get a rich text notification on their working screen which they can choose to view or dismiss. Not only that, users will have options to hide sensitive content in the notifications. Well, this would be a noteworthy option to have!

Needless to mention the enhanced security features and optimized battery performance that Lollipop promises. Lollipop also lets its users interact with the Android TV with personalized recommendations for content like movies and TV shows. And what is more? 68+ languages supported, multiple payment apps, improved search functionality, the Android beam that lets you share files by gently tapping devices together, etc. are indeed impressive.

And finally, for the Android developers Volta will be a new experience. Volta allows developers to develop apps that are battery-friendly. On an average it is expected that these apps would add up 90 mins of battery life to the device. Did you guys see that one coming?

Are you excited about Lollipop? What is it’s most impressive feature according to you?

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