Posted by:Ranjani Rao April 11th, 2013

Application developers building applications on the Google App Engine can now easily incorporate SMS and voice communications into their apps via Twilio¸ cloud-based communication platform. Google has released Python and Java libraries for Google apps to work with Twilio APIs out of the box on the Google Cloud Platform. Building scalable communications applications just got easier and faster.

Here’s a chance for application developers to build something awesome out of this win-win combination of software. Developers can sign up for a new Google App Engine account and a new Twilio account to receive 2,000 free voice minutes or SMS messages.
Using the Google App Engine with Twilio, developers can build apps that feature call recording, text-to-speech, conference calling, in-app dialing, group texting and much more.

The Twilio platform uses the Twilio Markup Language (TwiML), a RESTful API, and VoIP SDKs for web browsers, Android and iOS. Twilio Voice enables your application to make and receive phone calls. Twilio SMS enables your application to send and receive text messages. Twilio Client enables your application to make VoIP calls from any phone, tablet or browser and supports WebRTC.

Check out details of the Twilio APIs here. Google has also released sample code for developers to get started:

  • Group Messaging app with Google App Engine and Twilio
  • Send Your Business Cards via SMS
  • Deploy Your Twilio App to Google App Engine
  • Using Google App Engine and Twilio with PagerDuty for on-call scheduling
There’s also the Google App Engine Documentation and the Google App Engine blog for developers to network and collaborate.

Twilio is already very popular and is well known for its resilient architecture. Last year, Twilio and Microsoft brought Twilio capabilities to the Azure platform. At the same time, Google’s Cloud Platform is highly popular with individual developers and SMBs (at least). I’m sure we’ll see many innovative applications come out of this marriage.

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