Posted by:Leesa John January 20th, 2014

This could be your current situation – you have decided to develop mobile apps for your business. You know your target audience, and realize mobile apps will solve certain pain points or enhance certain functions. But the most crucial decision you make when you embark on a mobile app development project is the nature of your mobile app. From your research and interactions you may have narrowed down to native app development. Here is a quick


checklist that will tell whether you have made the right choice:
  • Is your app a functional touch point for an existing enterprise application that enhances the productivity of your employees or customers?
  • Is it critical to secure devices and data on your business network?
  • Does your app need to be highly responsive?
  • Are you looking for a rich mobile user experience that taps into device features such as GPS, camera, accelerometer, touch capabilities, file systems, etc.?
  • Do you want the app to reflect your brand and business work flows with 100% accuracy?
  • Does your app need to stay functional in offline mode?
If you have answered YES to the questions above, a native mobile app is definitely what you need! No matter what, native apps will be held high by businesses who seek a high performing app that renders unparalleled user experience. They are faster and more secure too. So, it is worth the wait though the average mobile app development cycle is longer.

What are your key considerations while embarking mobility in your enterprise? Would you choose to go native if the above listed parameters are your key strategy considerations? Please feel free to add to the list based on your experience.

So, eager to learn more about Mobility ? Deep dive into your topic of interest !

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  1. Technology never ceases to amaze me. Every other say there are new developments and even more interesting things being talked about for future. Endless possibilities makes me even more curious. Wonderful insights here at you blog. Shall keep watching this space for more! 🙂

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