Posted by:Nithin Rao June 21st, 2016

Quality physician –patient engagement is one of the most crucial elements of healthcare. Telehealth which started as a more evolved version of mHealth is one of the fastest growing physician-patient engagement platforms today.


  • Telehealth today involves long distance patient/clinician contact and care, advice, reminders, education, intervention, monitoring and more. Here are some interesting stats on Telehealth.
  • More than 67% of healthcare professionals are using or planning to use some form of telemedicine in coming years
  • More than 70% of consumers prefer a video consultancy for the prescription rather than travelling to doctor’s office
  • More than half of all U.S. hospitals currently have a telemedicine program
  • The number of telemedicine patients will increase from 350,000 in 2013 to 7 million in 2018
  • 89% of healthcare executives said they expect telemedicine to transform the U.S. healthcare system in the next decade
  • Only about one in 10 physicians practice in rural areas in the U.S. bout 20% of Americans live in rural areas without easy access to primary care or specialist medical services
  • About 76% of patients care more about access to healthcare than need for human interactions with their healthcare providers
  • In one survey by HIMSS, 44.3% of healthcare system respondents said that patient care gaps due to community remoteness were the main reason for adopting telemedicine
  • According to Ken Research Telehealth market is expected to grow to $38.5 billion in revenue by 2018, a compound annual growth rate of 32 percent from 2013-2018

These statistics show us the rapid adoption of Telehealth. I strongly believe that it is going to gain wider adoption and will have a tangible effect on healthcare service operations. What are your thoughts? Share your comments below.

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